by Dan Jacobs February 13, 2019 2 min read

It's that time of year again, what better way to celebrate your love with your partner than some yoga?!

Acro yoga is not just a crazy Instagram fad; it has amazing benefits for your relationship.

Experiencing physical touch while stretching each other deeper into asanas is a euphoria like no other; it is quite literally co-exponential growth.

I certainly am no gymnast or regular acro yogi, so assuming you're not either, here are some easy acro poses you and your partner can practice for Valentine's Day!

3. Stacked Plank

To get into this asana, make sure the stronger person is the base.

Then, the flyer aligns their hands with the base's ankles, and places their toes on the bases shoulder, forming a plank on top of a plank. Easy :)

2. Airplane

The easiest of the flying poses as well as the base of most flying poses, this asana is both satisfying and a necessity to master before moving forward in any flying poses.

Have the base lie on their back, legs and arms extended. The base then places the bottom of their feet on the flyer's hips, flyer facing down.

As the flyer brings their weight forward, the flyer and base connect hands. The more you practice, you will be able to totally release the hands and escalate to different poses.

1. L-Shape Down Dog

This is great for the flyer's handstand as well as the base's down dog.

Have the base go into down dog, and have the flyer place their hands flat on the ground and simply put the bottom of their toes at the top of the base's hips.

This opens up the base's hamstrings as well as strengthens the flyer's shoulders for inversions.


Please, always take extra precaution when practicing acro, and be sure to leave your ego at the door!

You could easily injure yourself and/or your partner, so be mindful, but more importantly, have fun :)

Happy Valentine's Day,


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