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4 Ways to Meditate While Doing Something

4 Ways to Meditate While Doing Something

February 12, 2019 2 min read

You know how meditation can improve your health and give you a sense of clarity, but you just can’t sit still.

You don’t
want to sit still.

That’s completely fine! Moving meditations can be just as beneficial as sitting practices.

Check out some of my favorite ways to not-so-traditionally meditate.

4. Qigong



Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing practice that aims to move the energy through your body.

It consists of repeating stretches, breathing techniques, gentle movements, and postures.

Practicing qigong allows you to focus on the way the energy in your body moves through space. Coordinating these flowing movements can help cultivate a sense of vitality and tranquility that lasts throughout your day.

3. Forest Bathing



Let Mother Earth be your therapist!

Forest bathing is a healing practice that was first developed by the Japanese, where one is meant to take in the forest through their senses and bathe in its atmosphere.

So many of us live in cities; we are surrounded by concrete, buildings, and cars, deprived of the nature our soul so desperately needs.

Rekindle that connection; go deep into the woods, a garden, or a park and let nature guide you. Take in the sound of the birds chirping, the way the sun shines through the leaves, the smell of the crisp air, and the way the bark feels.

Walk slowly and mindfully with purpose, and a wave of calmness will wash over you.

2. Coloring Book



Meditative coloring can help free your mind of intrusive thoughts about your grocery list or homework.

This is a relatively new yet successful therapy implemented by many psychologists around the globe.

You can relax and focus on the images of the mandalas, the act of coloring, and the various colors that you choose. You can enter a meditative state where you let everything else go and focus on the present moment.

1. Yoga with Your Eyes Closed



To me, this is the ultimate moving meditation.

It really eliminates my ego while simultaneously allowing myself to really listen and go deeper into my body.

This is tricky at first for balancing poses, but after practice, I learned how to make my dristi point my third eye chakra. 

After practicing for long enough, I am now able to visualize the purple ajna chakra behind my eyes, and use that to balance my physical self.

This also greatly enhances my shavasana at the end of my practice; fractals and geometric patterns come much more easily to me if I keep my eyes closed for as long as I can.


The bottom line is that traditional meditation is the most effective.

The whole purpose of an asana practice is to preserve the body for longer meditation periods. 

But I get it, not all of us are there yet.

Think of this list as a set of tools to help you eventually be able to meditate properly; legs crossed, spine straight, bandhas engaged, and ujjayi breath.

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day

Author / Ice Man / Yoga Instructor

P.S. Another great way to help with meditation is our Spiritual Balance Orgone Pyramid, built to be a source of light and hope during challenging situations.


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