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October 28, 2020 4 min read

You Won’t Regret A Crystal Healing Halloween

What comes to mind when you think about Halloween? A cool autumn breeze? Tree leaves falling down to decorate the ground in red and orange colors? Or maybe it’s the never-ending possibilities of pumpkin-flavored everything.

In the days leading up to Halloween, you’ll get out your creepy decorations, find the scariest costume, and eat candy until you get a toothache. (Best to leave those sweets to trick-or-treaters!) 

There’s no denying this Halloween will surely be a bit different than previous years. While trying to celebrate Halloween in the traditional fashion of costumes, parties, pumpkin patches, and trick-or-treating might not be ideal during the 2020 pandemic, there are so many alternatives. Did you ever think about using this Pagan originated holiday to spiritually connect and heal?

Take it a step further this Halloween and use the spiritual atmosphere to connect with the universe, add protection to your energy, and cleanse yourself. Halloween is the perfect occasion to break out your most trusted crystals and get your cleansing ritual started. It just might be your new favorite Halloween tradition.

Quick Pagan Background on Halloween Spirit

Samhain is the name of the Pagan holiday on which Halloween is based on. The idea of Halloween originated from the pagan religion. Pagans believe the Halloween season to be the best time to connect with the spiritual realm. With that in mind, this belief would make the night of Halloween the prime opportunity for the living and the dead to connect. 

Using the night of Halloween to perform rituals is a long-lasting tradition and the original purpose of Halloween. This is the most sacred time of year for cleansing yourself and your connections. Using healing crystals for Halloween rituals will help you in letting go of things that no longer resonate with you.

How to Use Spooky Halloween Energy to Your Benefit

Celebrating Halloween a little differently this year with crystals is your best bet at beating another round of covid19 isolation blues. On the night of Halloween, you’ll want to have this list handy to be sure you have the 5 best crystals ready to use.

We have broken down each crystal into a category to best surge it’s properties and benefits. Some are interchangeable which makes them a stronger unit of energy when working together. The 5 categories are as follows: protection, connection, cleansing, strength, and grounding. 

You will want to gather your crystals to cleanse before the ritual takes place. Remember to keep your intention in mind when performing your Halloween ritual to have a common positive goal as your purpose.

Halloween Protection Crystal

Amethyst as your protection stone works to give stability to your energy and the energy field surrounding you. Your emotional protection also comes into play with amethyst clearing away negative thoughts and feelings. Amethyst keeps you calm as it helps you connect with the metaphysical world. 

Halloween Connection Crystal 

Calcite helps connect you to the spiritual realm by transferring energy between the physical and spiritual worlds. Using Calcite allows you to tap into your clairvoyant abilities. With many different color options, orange Calcite is a great choice for your Halloween Connection Crystal. Orange Calcite not only supercharges your energy for a positive connection, but it’s also a helpful cleanser. It will keep you in a blissful state of mind while you let go of past traumas. 

Halloween Cleansing Crystal

Black Tourmaline can represent cleansing and grounding properties. First, black tourmaline is an excellent choice for a cleansing crystal because it soaks up all negativity, clearing the air for positive light. In doing so, it adds stability to your ritual. Like an extra pair of eyes, black tourmaline will act as your safeguard against any harm that threatens you, your home, and your energy. 

Halloween Strength Crystal 

Onyx will balance your energy throughout your Halloween crystal ritual. With this stone, you will have no trouble pushing your way through dark thoughts and negativity. Onyx will give you the strength you need to finally move forward and relinquish yourself from harmful habits. This strengthening stone gives you a sturdy ground to plant your feet and face your fears headlong. No scaredy cats around here this Halloween!

Halloween Grounding Crystal

Red Jasper is known for being the “Supreme Nurturer” stone. It’s earthly elements help keep you grounded by securing and stabilizing your energy. Red Jasper works with the electromagnetic fields of energy to bring your aura into a comfortable state of oneness. It’s great to be spooky and scary for Halloween as long as it’s all for fun andnotmessing with your sense of wholeness. Choose Red Jasper to navigate through this time of isolation to see the food that can be done now that you have the time for self-reflection and healing. 

No Tricks, Just Treats

Now, who doesn’t want a holiday to ward off the bad vibes? Halloween crystal rituals will unburden your spirit from all the negativity you’ve been hoarding. It’s about time for a good, deep cleanse after the year you’ve had so far! Wouldnt you agree?

Use this list of 5 best Halloween crystals as your guide to figuring out which combination works best for you. If it feels right with you, claim this ritual as your own. Don’t shy away from adding new crystals along the way! Do what feels good. 

Banishing bad vibes and burying them away from your cleansed energy as you heal with Halloween crystals is the best way to spend this year’s social-distancing Halloween. 

Visit ourVinaya shop and get your Halloween vibes to the spiritual level. Don’t forget to check out our new Halloween collection of Onyx crystals!

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