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Zodiac Signs: Strictly Scorpio

Zodiac Signs: Strictly Scorpio

November 07, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

Are You Actually a True Scorpio?

Are you loyal, passionate and strong?

Perhaps, there are things people don't know about your sign.

Here are some facts only SCORPIO will understand. 

Scorpio astrological sign is known for being passionate, brave and independent.

They don’t really care about what other people think about them.

Scorpios stand out wherever they are. They are debater and are not afraid of controversies.

They also do not back down in arguments.

What they hate? Untrue and not genuine people. For them authenticity is pretty.

Scorpio is a misunderstood zodiac.

Power and passion often circle the aura of a Scorpio.

They are mistaken for being a fire sign as well.

Scorpio is a water sign zodiac and connotes the emotional realm. Just like Pisces and Cancer, they are intuitive and clairvoyant.

What Makes a Scorpio Unique? 

Just like scorpions, this water sign is unique and has a venomous sting.

They wait and attack when you least expect it.

They are like the game of chess, one false move and checkmate.

This does not mean that their intentions are bad, but they are just careful.

Simply, Scorpios know their goal and are not afraid to take a risk to win the game.

They know their card well and don’t show off. Their appeal makes them beguiling and seductive. 

What is the Future of Scorpios? 

Because of the strong-willed trait of a Scorpio astrological sign, they are intimidating and those who do not know them will think that they are boastful.

However, what other people do not know is that Scorpio's are abrupt and caught between their emotions too. 

Challenges of Scorpios 

Crying is okay! Scorpios look tough on the outside, but they are also vulnerable on the inside.

They care too much. 

They are scared to show their true emotions.

They often say they don’t care, but deep inside they do. 

Secret Weapon of Scorpios

Empathy! Naturally, Scorpios are an observer.

They can easily feel the atmosphere and the emotion that is inside a room. with this, they can instantly react and plan on how they can talk to people.

They can comfort someone that needs their love. 

Scorpio Astrological Sign Traits 

This zodiac is the most powerful. Guided by the planet Pluto and rule by water sign, they are considered as sensual being among the chart.

Here are some of the positive and negative traits of Scorpios. 

Positive Traits of Scorpio

If they want something, they work on it. They get what they want. 


They are not afraid and daring. They take challenges and risks. 


Scorpios are loyal to their partners. They trust and value honesty and they expect the same with their partners. 


They are dedicated individuals and invest too much emotion into something or someone. Scorpios are devoted. 

They are competitive and have big goals in life. They push for greatness. 

    Negative Traits of Scorpio 

    Scorpio is full of jealousy even if they don’t show it. For them, it is revenge. If you fight with a Scorpio, they will fight back. 


    They only want their partner’s attention and enraged whenever their partner shows attention to other stuff. 


    This is the most mysterious sign of the astrological zodiac. They do not reveal their true emotions to protect themselves. 

    The dynamic Scorpio has captivating energy that draws nearly everyone in. Crystalscan help balance your environment and energy more effectively.

    Scorpio’s Crystal



    The gemstone for the month of November. Imbuing self-worth and discipline. 



    Scorpion guardian crystal. One of the crystals with full of positive energy. 



    Allow you to see and break blockages that stand in the way of your spiritual growth, and encourages emotional risk-taking and change. 



    Cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing. 



    Powerful healer of the emotional body particularly who have closed themselves off from life.   

    Undoubtedly, there are crystals that best suited to certain astrological signs that can benefit at different times in our lives. Crystals are apparently your best means to balance out your sign.

    Ready to get to know yourself and your souls on a deeper level?  

    Our Kyanite Malachite Orgone Necklace will help you on your spiritual journey!

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