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March 22, 2021 3 min read


The embodiment of energy and new ideas. Aries is a natural-born leader and self-starter who thrives in competition and creativity. Always fired up but at unfortunate times, end up burning themselves out. 

Qualities of an Aries

Represented by the ram, with its curled horns and tough skull, the Aries is known for being headstrong and willful, sometimes even hardheaded. An Aries knows what they believe and will stick passionately to their truth. Active and energetic, Aries signs care about getting things done, and they’ll accomplish whatever goal they set out to, no matter what it takes.

Fiery and dynamic, an Aries can be competitive and focused on accomplishment and excellence. In a group or a team, an Aries can be an excellent asset, carrying others through with their hard work and driven attitude, but they can also be a challenge, resisting authority and sometimes happier to do things their own way. Letting others share in their passion is important for an Aries, as is finding ways to express their energy.

Aries Symbols

Ram: Aries is represented by the ram, a creature known for its strength and stubbornness. Rams can climb steep, rocky mountains - just like an Aries, who will tackle any problem with grit, determination, and strength. Rams are also famous for their soft fleece and curled horns, a balance of power and softness. Aries love to laugh and spend time with their loved ones, even though they’re not afraid to get tough once a challenge is on!

Mars: The ruling planet for an Aries is Mars, a planet associated with fire, war, and the color red. Though not all Aries are warlike, a competitive spirit is evident even in friendly games. In business and play, an Aries likes to win. If there are points to be won, goals to be scored, or accolades to be earned, an Aries will be there, willing to leave it all on the field.

Red: The color of power and passion, red is definitely the right color for an Aries! From muted burgundy to brilliant ruby, this sign is well captured by every shade of red. People of the heart, Aries throw their whole heart and self into projects, relationships, even fights. 

Crystals for Aries 

An Aries looking to capture and channel their fiery energies will be well served by a red crystal. The color red can help an Aries find and focus their strength. Carnelian is an excellent choice for an Aries looking to get started with crystal work. Garnet  and Red Jasper are also stones with the right energies to match an Aries.

Crystals can also help calm, soothe, or balance the fiery energies of an Aries. Green, which sits opposite red on the color wheel, can serve as a counter. Malachite, which starts as copper and becomes green through natural processes, is the perfect stone for an Aries seeking more peace and tranquility through crystal healing.

Crystal Work for Aries

A competitive and robust personality can benefit from using crystals to set intentions about where to direct their energies. 

Crystal meditations for Aries:

  • I choose what to devote my time and effort to
  • I can achieve what I set my mind to
  • Rest is natural and necessary

  • Independent and sometimes stubborn, Aries often struggle to ask for help or defer to others. However, they are excellent in a crisis, with their take-charge, can-do attitude.

    Use crystals to:

    • Find the courage to reach out for help when needed
    • Identify which goals to pursue
    • Sharpen your talents and hone your skills

    Famous people you didn't know were Aries

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