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June 29, 2021 2 min read

Qualities of a Cancer

Cancers are water signs, and the qualities of a Cancer can be summarized by the statement “still waters run deep.” Imaginative and cerebral, Cancers value peace and harmony and can seem introverted or aloof. But under their quiet exterior, Cancers contain deep wells of emotion and thought.

Rather than open themselves up to anyone, Cancers often hold their cards close to their chest and only show their true selves to people they genuinely trust. Excellent at keeping secrets, Cancers don’t appreciate gossip or shallow “small talk” and prefer having a few close friendships than a wide net of acquaintances.

Cancer Symbols

The Moon: The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon, which changes over the course of the month, going through various phases. Like the moon, Cancers “contain multitudes” and often show different sides of themselves in different circumstances. While change can be difficult, embracing change is incredibly powerful and rewarding for Cancers. 

Crab:The Cancer personality is well captured by the image of a crab. Hard-shelled and often content to hang out somewhere safe and mind their own business, crabs can also be brave and tough when fighting back against a threat or defending something they believe in. While a Cancer rarely gets their “claws” out, when they do, look out!

White: The color white is associated with the Cancer sign. Inclusive of every other color, white becomes a “prism” through which a rainbow of hues is visible. This symbolic color reflects the way Cancers balance a complex inner self with a calm and collected exterior. 

Crystals for Cancers 

Just as the moon guides the tides and the crabs that scuttle along the shore, the moon is also an excellent guide for Cancers. Because of their association with the moon, Cancers are connected to both moonstone and rainbow moonstone, as well as the very similar crystal opalite. Snowflake obsidian can also serve a Cancer by acting as a “mini moon,” a dark stone with lighter “crater”-like spots.


While crabs can come in many colors, the most common image is the bright orange crab. Like their animal symbol, Cancers are well represented by the color orange. Tangerine quartz, Orange calcite, and Citrine are excellent choices for Cancers looking to benefit from crystal energy.

Crystal Work for Cancers

Being open to all parts of themselves, and sharing their truths with other people are a good place to start for any Cancer beginning to work with crystals.

Crystal meditations for Cancers:

  • There is safety in honesty
  • All parts of my truth deserve to be heard
  • I can express what is within me

  • Cancers are thoughtful, intellectual, creative, and curious. The presence of a crystal can help focus these energies during personal or professional projects.

    Use crystals to:

    • Pursue hobbies that bring opportunities for growth
    • Develop a daily routine of reading or building a new skill
    • Reach out for help to learn something new

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