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December 18, 2020 4 min read

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Doesn’t it seem like the end of the year every year needs to be made into an even bigger spectacle than the year before? You run around like a madman trying to decorate your house in a cookie-cutter, perfect fashion, getting personalized gifts for the people you love, and preparing meals large enough to feed two football teams.


All of this added stress plus your regular day to day routine of household chores, kids, school, work, and dealing with estranged family members —  Wow! That’s a huge load for anyone to handle!  Maybe this is why all of the holidays are clumped so closely together. So that we all only have to go into a slight panic at the end of the year. 

Your emotional stress might not stop there. Sometimes, we have no one to spend the holidays with. It can be a tough time to see everyone else enjoying time with family and friends, making memories together, and posting photos on social media. The holidays always seem like everyone is busy competing with one another and you’re just hoping to be invited to someone’s house for Christmas dinner.

We all have our own struggles during the holiday season. So, what’s your usual way of coping with this holiday madness? How can you deal with the stress of the holidays without feeling so overworked and overwhelmed? 

Here’s a helpful list jam-packed with healing crystals to help you through the holidays. You deserve to delight in the joy of the holiday spirit without feeling drained!

Crystals to Stay Calm During the Holidays

There are so many reasons why you want to keep your cool in order to stay calm through the holidays. The following helpful crystals hold benefits that may overlap, but they’ve been set into specific categories by their most common uses to better guide you towards using the best crystal for your needs. 

Crystals to Keep the Peace: 

This set of crystals will definitely help you stay calm during the holidays. You need to unwind, get out of your head, and find comfort in your own company as well as a positive, easy feeling when it comes to spending time with those you love. You need to keep anxiety, depressions, racing and negative thoughts away and these are the crystals for you.

Amethyst- Calming lavender crystal wards away anxiety and depression

Amber-Known to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and bring harmonize energy and emotions towards a healthier state.

Blue Lace Agate- This cool blue stone releasing a soothing calm.

Crystals for Love: 

To promote openness and love use these crystals. During the holidays people feel the need to share their love and heartfelt gratitude for special people in their lives much more than any other time of year. 

Rose Quartz- A heart chakra healing crystal that will open your soul to be more willing and able to receive as much love as you give.

Rhodochrosite- A fiery boost to your spirit will be added as this stone heats your heart with love and passion, improving your mood, and adding self- value.

Purifying Crystals: 

If you’re the host this holiday, using purifying crystals is the best way to set your environment for a peaceful, jolly family event. The atmospheric energy in your home will be inviting and tranquil when you cleanse with these purifying crystals —  who doesn’t want an easy, traditional holiday where everyone is happy in each other’s company. 

Clear Quartz- A powerful amplifier of energy. This stone will take your energy and match it’s level of impact, creating a stronger intention when it comes to your purifying ritual.

Lapis Lazuli-This stone is your white light when it comes to transforming low vibrations into higher, healthy energy that aligns far better with where you want to be.

Selenite-This amazing cleansing stone will clear negativity away from you, your atmosphere, and any bad vibes that threaten your environment replacing it with a calming aura and positive light. Did you know that it’s also self-cleansing? 

Crystals for Protection: 

You need to know which crystals to use for protection of your energy as well as your mental clarity and sanity this year. These crystals will help you prepare for the bad vibes your cousin sends your from across the dinner table on christmas day. You know, sometimes your empathic abilities become overloaded with negative energy. You're able to read people’s auras a bit too much for your own good sometimes. 

Black Onyx-This stone will prevent you from becoming drained by pushing negative energy aside and building up your stamina for emotional strength.

Tourmaline- Keeps focus and insight on real matters over false fears. Defuses stress while giving a sense of security. 

Malachite-Will absorb negative energy to protect your body, sacred space, and clear your chakras while guiding your spirit towards a positive light.

Crystals to Give Courage: 

Everyone’s family situations are not always perfect. Sometimes we don’t see certain family members for years, and for good reasons. It’s possible that you’ve had more than a few falling outs with relatives and you want to be strong and mature when having to face them again during this family holiday. Fortunately for you, these crystals will instill courage, motivate, 

Carnelian-Enforces a strong, determined mind. Finds good luck for you in places that promote prosperity and steers you out of harmsway. 

Fluorite-Cleanses crown, third eye, and heart chakras, giving you a fierce determination, powerful concentration, and confidence in your decision making skills.

Tourmaline-Definitely the stone to keep you grounded and in your right state of mind, relieving stress and anxiety in worrisome situations. Increases your mental clarity and awareness, simultaneously decreasing physical ailments. 

That’s the Holiday Spirit!

Phew! That’s right. Take that breath of relief!

You may now allow yourself to feel at ease —  you’ve got this holiday season in the bag! Gift bags are all set. Sparkling lights are shining on your Christmas tree. You have your family together as peacefully as you could ever imagine. 

These holidays are meant to be a time full of love and laughter —  who has the time to stress? Not you!

Get your holly jolly holiday spirit by searching for your crystals at  Vinaya. We’ve got everything you need to stay calm during the holidays.

1 Response

Denise W Reeves
Denise W Reeves

December 21, 2020

Have your team thought about combing the four groups of crystals together in a flat resin ‘worry’ stone (flattish stone that can be carried in the pocket and touched whenever the need arises)? I love this type of thing but it is extremely hard to find.

I would love to know if you decided to go ahead with this.

Merry Christmas to you all, Denise

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