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September 11, 2020 5 min read


What is Orgone Energy?

You’re well aware of the indescribable energy surrounding you. You are able to sense when the vital life force that flows around you is one with your being and still within your mind.On the other hand, you’re also able to feel when you are out of your element. 

It’s like the constant pull of gravity. Back and forth. Positive then negative. A swinging pendulum of natural energy attracting and repelling, attempting to gain a cycle of order. 

You can’t bring yourself to completely understand how it works to keep your body balanced and your feet planted firmly on the ground. You are amongst the intuitively inclined. You’re empathic to the energy of the universe. 

When you meditate, you close your eyes and allow your senses to be taken over by the calming aroma of nature’s garden. You are peaceful in a relaxing atmosphere. You spread your arms out to your sides and feel the wind whistle in your ear as your hair whips around your face. 

You feel your toes sink into the grass. As you take slow, steady breaths into deep meditation, you listen to the birds sing their morning song. 

You smile to yourself, utterly delighted in embracing tranquility and exchanging all negativity for peace. 

You’re thankful for another refreshing night’s rest, equilibrium balance, and good health, just to name a few! 

You are in tune with your spirit. You take another deep inhale through your nose. And breathe out again.

Serene. Connected. Renewed.

Thatis orgone energy. 

Orgone energy is the universal life force of nature and all living organisms. You will also hear orgone energy referred to asprana,chi, orAretha. Let’s talk about everything you need to know to understand orgone and orgonite energy!

A Brief History of Orgone and Orgonite 

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian refugee and psychiatrist from Nazi Germany. Dr. Reich discovered and put a name to the unknown energy that exists in the atmosphere, space, nature, and organisms. This discovery was labeled asorgone energy in the 1930s. Dr. Reich began documenting his metaphysical findings with supporting theories and experiments. 

Reich’s work was outlawed and ridiculed throughout his life. He was charged with a tech violation of obscure cosmetic labeling law and sentenced to live out the rest of his life in prison, along with his colleague, Dr. Michael Silvert. The uproar in controversy that lead to Dr. Reich’s imprisonment was due to his “sex box” experiment aka the Orgone energy accumulator. 

Critics labeled Reich as a menace for his theories about Orgone energy affecting everyone, emotionally and sexually. Naysayers thought Reich wanting to collect such energy made him a sex fiend and therefore a danger to society. 

Reich’s collection of his works were unpublished and all existing copies of his books were burned. A few years after his death, Dr. Reich’s books about his experiments with orgone energy and Orgonite have since been republished and studied by modern-day scientists. 

Reich founded the concept of mixing organic and non-organic materials, such as metals, resin, and crystals. In doing this, Dr. Reich created a magnetic pull to absorb orgone energy using what he called: Orgone energy accumulator.  He would place the materials needed to manipulate orgone energy inside of a box to collect orgone charged energy from anywhere and used this as data.  

He named this new form of manipulated energy, Orgonite. 

The organic material used in modern-day Orgonite devices already possess natural orgone energy within. Any non-organic materials used in an Orgonite mixture will work to attract and repel in a continuous battle of neutralizing all variations of orgone energy absorbed by the Orgonite device. 

Difference Between Orgone and Orgonite

As stated above, orgone energy is the natural, vital life energy of the universe. It is organic to nature and living beings, not man-made. However, you are able to manipulate orgone energy through the use of Orgonite. 

Orgonite is a mixture of organic and inorganic materials with the intention of accumulating the necessary orgone energy to act as a protective device. 

Orgonite is made of resin, metal shavings, copper, powders, and crystals. These materials are placed into molds to create different fixtures, such as Orgonite pendants andOrgonite pyramids


There are multiple variations of natural orgone energy. OR is positive orgone energy. NOR is negative orgone energy. DOR is trapped orgone energy without the ability to naturally purify its negativity or be affected from outsourced transmitters, because it is shielded from impact. 

Orgonite is used to transform negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy. Much like the idea of Wilhelm Riech’s orgone accumulator experiment, Orgonite has been perfected with today’s knowledge of cleansing energy by constantly attracting and repelling orgone energy. 

The substances found in Orgonite mixtures use its many levels to purify energy. Negative energy into positive energy. Trapped energy into vital life energy.

Benefits of Orgone Energy

Are you wondering how orgone energy affects your body? Here’s a quick list of examples of the benefits you experience while using orgone energy. Get ready for an abundance of positivity!

  • Orgoneneutralizes 5g or EMF radiation- Using an Orgonite pyramid will enable orgone energy to clear the field surrounding your person and protect you against harmful EMF. 
  • Better sleep- Orgonite will regulate your sleep cycles and promote vivid dreams. 
  • Deeper meditation- You will be able to easily deepen your meditations with a purified atmosphere. 
  • A boost in your energy- Your energy levels will increase due to no longer being drained by negative vibrations. 
  • Healthy immune system- With negative orgone energy being upcycled into positive energy, you will be less susceptible to illness and diseases.
  • Spiritual and mental growth- Use your positive orgone energy to deepen your connection with the universe, allowing spiritual and psychological growth. 
  • Mood balance- As your energy is being changed from more positive than negative, your mood will experience the same balance. 

Orgone Energy is Your Connection to the Universe

You are made of energy. We all are just one big energy pool, transmitting vibrations, absorbing one another’s energy. Be it, through friends, family, strangers, or nature, you are constantly attracting and repelling energy on a daily basis. 

Orgone energy is all around you. It’s in everything organic or breathing. Orgone energy is the energy of the universe. It’s in what you see, feel, taste, and touch. 

You will learn how to manipulate and purify the Orgone energy surrounding you. Learn, practice, and visualize your intentions for using Orgonite to gain order through Orgone energy. 


Vinaya has a gorgeous collection of Orgonite: pyramids andpendant jewelry. Choose your favoriteVinaya Orgonite to get started today! 

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September 16, 2020

Thank you so much for this article. It is very informative, and well written! Very interesting. 🤗🌀⭐️⚗️
Mary K
Mary K

September 11, 2020

Love these stones do they come a little bigger or is this all a person needs (necklace))

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