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February 25, 2021 5 min read

Double the Power of Your Crystals with Beneficial Essential Oils

Knowing how to help yourself get well and stay well using crystals and essential oils will be the constant staple in your health and wellness routine. Count on the powers of natural healing as a physical and spiritual cleanse every single time. Like the hum to your favorite melody, let the energy from your essential oil and crystal combinations flow, soothe, and heal you.

This helpful guide will assist you in learning how to pair essential oils with crystals that have similar benefits. We have created a list of crystal and essential oil combinations for you to choose from to receive the powerfully amplified benefits you need.

Get the most out of your natural healing remedies when you learn how to pair crystals with essential oils. Each crystal holds benefits that help heal you and promote aspects of yourself to become more in tune and enlightened. Essential oils not only soothe your sense of smell but also calm your emotions or relieve physical ailments, like joint pain or headaches.

So what do we know about crystals and essential oils?

Essential oils are derived from natural sources found in nature, often extracted from plants, flowers, trees, etc. There are many uses for essential oils with the most popular trend today being to use them as a scent. This allows you to diffuse essential oils in your home every day and experience relaxing aromatherapy while keeping your environment smelling fresh

Crystals also come from the earth in the form of natural minerals. They have been used for many years by a widespread variety of cultures and religions for their benefits of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

When pairing crystals with essential oils you will need to find the counterparts that balance one another to make them the most potent coupling for your benefit. Use this guide about pairing essential oils with crystals as your starting point to becoming more aware of the crystal and essential oil combinations as well as their possibilities.

How to Use Crystals and Essential Oils Together

You can use your oils and crystals in many different ways. Each technique can be used according to your preference or even rearrange depending on your schedule. You get to decide whether you want to keep your crystal and essential oil pairing strictly to your meditation sessions or as all-day wear.

Method 1: Diffuse 

During your meditation, hold your crystal in your hand as you diffuse your essential oils through the room. This will help guide you and boost your intentions. Using a diffuser is a simple way for your essential oil to fill the room. Another way to diffuse essential oils is to do it throughout the day while you’re at home cleaning or just relaxing on the couch.

Method 2: Accessorize 

You can find beautiful  crystal jewelry  in our Vinaya shop. We carry  necklaces  and  bracelets  that can be worn throughout your busy day. This method calls for the use of to be placed on your skin or directly on your crystal to stimulate your senses and add to the benefits you desire.

Method 3: Secret Weapon

Saturate your crystal in your selected essential oil. This method allows you to hide away your crystal in your pocket, purse, or wallet. It’ll be like having a little secret with you wherever you go, except this type of secret won’t drain your energy! Instead, you'll be able to go about your day while reaping the rewards of your crystal and oil as they work together.

Essential Oil and Crystal Pairings

Crystals and essential oils are both grounding products of nature. Pairing them together for an all-natural remedy to your cleansing experience just makes sense! Let’s get into some examples of what crystals go along with essential oils to double time their benefits as they work together to heal you and give you strength.

Lavender Oil + Amethyst Crystal

These two purple beauties have similar properties that will amplify the peace you seek. If you have trouble staying cool, calm, and collected because of anxiety, racing thoughts, mental health, and depression this combo is for you! At the same time, the fresh, earthy aroma of lavender will calm your senses, relieving your body from stress and its anxious state. The  amethyst crystal  promotes tranquility and benefits 

Peppermint Oil + Amazonite

Looking for a confidence boost? Here’s your combination to help you stay optimistic, self-determined, and focused on your goals.  Amazonite’s properties work to open up your mind to new possibilities around you while instilling the confidence you need to go forward. Using peppermint oil as amazonite’s essential oil partner will allow the spicy, refreshing smell of mint to clear the congestion, not only from your sinuses but also from negative build-up in your mind that has been holding you back.

Lemon Oil + Rose Quartz

Every one of us is glad to make a deep, meaningful connection with someone else. Someone who understands you. A new friend who brings you joy and love.  Rose quartz  is an ideal crystal for helping to balance your emotions and gives off the aura of someone who is open to new connections. The citrus smell from lemon oil acts as a natural mood-boosting effect to further brighten your outlook and stay determined to be positive while keeping your heart chakra healthy and open. Pair rose quartz with lemon oil to become able to tap into your heart chakra and let love into all aspects of your life.

Frankincense Oil + Tiger’s Eye

Be a light of positivity! Keep good vibes with the pairing of frankincense oil and a  Tiger’s Eye  crystal. This combo will aid you in surrounding yourself with good vibes and warding off all negative energy that tries to threaten you. Even your own negative thoughts and fears will be pushed away from you to promote focus, better decision-making, emotional health, and physical health.

Crystals & Essential Oils All in One Place

Whenever you are pairing crystals with essential oils you are allowing your senses of touch and smell to work together for a stronger impact. There are endless possibilities for you to combine crystals and essential oils. Alternating these combinations will depend on what you want to achieve as well as your own connection with the properties of both crystal and essential oil.

Get everything you need to start pairing your crystals with essential oils at our  Vinaya shop!  We have various designs of crystals that have been carefully selected and hand-crafted into intricate  bracelets,  necklaces,  and  rings. Check out our  new line of essential oil rollers,  too! 

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