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Total Taurus

May 04, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

Total Taurus

Born Under The Taurus Sign? 

You are one of the most driven signs and that is displayed in your ability to persevere even in adversity.



Taurus born are “down to Earth”, protective, loyal and never have to act out to seek attention from others. You are the do-ers and realists of the world.

You're honest, patient, efficient, and devoted. You're a Taurus who governed by the planet of love, elegance, creativity, and prosperity, the planet Venus. 
Out of any sign, Taurus signs are practical, reliable, and humane individuals. Above all, this Earth sign inspire divine qualities. 

In crystal healing, wearing gemstones can influence the complete personality and life of the Taurus.  Besides, it can improve their positive qualities.
So, if you are a Taurean, you may be interested to know which stone is fit for Taurus? Yes, you are!

 Consequently, these Taurus crystals can be essential to us all during that time of the year (April 20th through May 20th).


Best Crystals Connected to Taurus Sign 

Taurus traditional zodiac gemstone is Green Jade. Green Jade draws positive force and wealth.

Keeping a Green Jade grants you the spirit to go for your desires. Green Jade is also great protection for your cherished ones, and also a protector of your faith.

The Green Jade is deemed to be embodying the five virtues of humanity.

Possessing a piece of green jade will provide the wearer the courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom.

Another stone that is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus is Malachite.

Malachite comes in various shades of green. It appears to have glitters that make its presence mesmerizing and utterly beautiful.

Malachite uses its green nature as a form of healing. It eliminates the negative force that causes your body to feel weak and stimulate back the positive energy inside your body and aura.

Malachite purifies your views which give you a clear judgment over challenges that you're facing.

You can also use Malachite as an amulet to protect you against accidents. It activates your senses and intuition. There will be a lot of difficulties in life, but possessing Malachite is a big help to spell out the negativity. 

Amber, the stone which often comes in the shades of yellow, brown, and orange is another stone that can be associated with the zodiac sign Taurus.

Amber removes all negative feelings and displaces it with a sympathetic and cheerful fount of energy. This stone is said to be very old, and a product of fossilized resin from old trees, which makes it possess the old energy from the ancient earth.

The stone makes your life more comfortable and articulate. It makes you a positive person that can radiate happiness and positivity to everyone.

Tap into your true strength as a Taurus.


If you're feeling weary, stressed, and when your anxiety is piling up to the point that it leads to depression you need to consider these healing stones will stabilize your emotions that channels the positive thinking, which will remind you that your life is valuable. 

These stones offer healing energy that helps to have a strong connection to Earth for deep soul work. It is believed to have their own individual energy field or personality.

Remember that in wearing the best Taurus CRYSTALS, you should be able to practice its exceptional power and potential to enhance the body's own healing abilities.

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Vicky Cooper
Vicky Cooper

May 21, 2020

I’m married to a Trues and I’m a Aries so how do these two match with ptaminds

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