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September 23, 2020 2 min read


Qualities of a Libra

Libras are - as evidenced by their symbolic scales - seekers of balance. Without harmony in their inner and outer lives, a Libra will feel frustrated and unfulfilled. It’s important for a Libra to be self-aware about how they pursue this balance, as some efforts to find balance will be more effective than others. 

Libras are passionate about justice and fairness, advocating strongly for themselves, their loved ones, and causes they believe in. They recognize that doing this work requires them to have a quiet, calm space to retreat to, and learn to create these spaces in their lives and in their minds.

Libra Symbols

Scales: The Libra is one of the few zodiac signs represented by an object rather than an animal or person. But scales have an energy and a motion of their own. The movement of a scale contains a lot of information, and changes with its surroundings. Libras, like scales, are intellectual and curious, always working to incorporate new information. 

Venus:The planet Venus, associated with joy and love, is the ruling planet for Libras. Libras have a deep well of passion and value things and experiences that bring pleasure and comfort. Whether that’s through the arts, a cherished collection, or a lovely and harmonious home, a Libra is good at cultivating beauty.

Pink & Green: Unlike most other signs, Libras have an unusual color symbolism: pink and green, two colors not often associated with each other. The balance between the two colors represents the Libra’s focus on bringing disparate elements together. It also captures the colors of early spring - pink blossoms and new green leaves - which provides a balance with the late fall season in which a Libra is born.

Crystals for Libras

Any crystal that combines pink and green will be an excellent choice for a Libra. Unakite provides an earthy blend of these colors, which will appeal to Libras who want something as understated and relaxed as themselves. Watermelon Tourmaline is another pink and green stone that offers a more gem-like option for Libras with a preference for crystals that sparkle and shine. 

Crystal Work for Libras

Because Libras value balance and harmony, conflict and dissonance are very stressful for people born under this sign. Crystal meditations and energies can help Libras meditate on their peace-seeking and conflict-avoidance in a positive way.

Crystal meditations for Libras:

  • Conflict is a natural part of life 
  • I am safe even when I don’t feel balanced
  • I can create harmony within myself 

Libras are powerful forces for justice and fairness in their world. Crystal energies can help provide the confidence and strength for this critical work.

Use crystals to:

  • Draw up confidence to speak out for important causes
  • Focus on connection and harmony in challenging conversations
  • Avoid distractions or derailments when pursuing justice


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4 Responses

Zoe McPherson
Zoe McPherson

February 07, 2022

I need an energy crystal to regenerate my aura finger-print. I am a Libra seeking healing and balance following a few years with many challengng events and loss.


October 13, 2020

I can see Unakite also being a powerful grounding stone for Libras as well. It is perfect for harmonizing one’s life. Great article.

Lety Alarid
Lety Alarid

September 27, 2020

I definitely need all of this in my Libra life


September 27, 2020

Thank you for this. Being a Libra, this makes sense. I knew some of this. Watermelon tourmaline is my favorite!

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