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February 18, 2019 2 min read


The rich, ocean blue found in Sodalite is unmistakable.

The energy that comes from this precious gemstone removes blocks in our throat chakra. As a result, it helps us build courage to speak the truth, yet also blessing us with humility to know when to remain silent.

Although this is a common stone widely used, it's benefits are not well known among the general public. This is why I would like to share some Sodalite knowledge with you, especially if you already have purchased or plan on purchasing one of our many items featuring this unique stone.

The Meaning of Sodalite


Sodalite can be broken down to 3 basic ideas; inner peace, truth, and logic.

As a result, it is deeply connected with the throat and heart chakras.

It's effect on these chakras include removing any blocks you might have, giving you invigoration to speak your mind & heart truthfully with conviction.

It Improves Communication


As I've stated, having this gemstone around helps the throat chakra to spin more freely.

As a result, disagreements or conflicts are much easier to work through. It makes it easier for you to listen and consequently improves your response.

In doing so, Sodalite reduces negative energy and raises positive energy.

Open Communication = Open Heart = Open Mind = Peace

It Has Extremely Unique Structure


The structure of Sodalite makes it an "Enhancer Filter Crystal". 

This means that Sodalite contains inner crystal lattices that are composed of perfect cubic symmetry, greatly enhancing it's harmonious effects.

It is because of this structure that Sodalite increases positive energy exponentially while greatly reducing negative energy.

Sodalite Helps Overcome Creative Blocks


For centuries, Sodalite has been known as "poet's stones".

Sodalite received this nickname due to writers keeping the gemstone close by during creative blocks.

Just like how the stone removes blocks in the throat and heart chakra, it also removes blocks in the sacral chakra, where creative energy is stored.


Open & honest communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships, especially when it comes to the most important relationship;

Your relationship with yourself.

Combine the power of the enigmatic gemstone with asanas that open the throat, chanting mantras, and consuming pure, karma-free food, you will see massive improvements in your communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

Author / Ice Man / Yoga Instructor

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Karen Young
Karen Young

March 23, 2020

I think that sodalite is beautiful!!!!!

Jwandalyn Love
Jwandalyn Love

March 23, 2020

I would love to see it

Donna Currier
Donna Currier

March 23, 2020

Absolutely beautiful Stone! Where is it common to find these stones? What region? Thank You, Donna

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