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June 13, 2020 3 min read



Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your action increases its momentum.  

Reiki is a form of healing that channels energy to oneself.

With the rapid interest in alternative healthcare practices, more and more holistic treatments are gaining popularity. One of these rising alternative methods is Reiki Healing. 


"Reiki" is a term with origin from Rei that means the wisdom from God or the power from Him and the other word Ki means that there is a force of life energy.

Rei can also mean universe and ki with the energy of life. In one word, Reiki means that a spirit is in guidance from a force of life energy or a mystery in the atmosphere and a sign of the miracle. 

One treatment of Reiki healing makes you feel amazingly radiant, flowing on your whole body and on your surroundings.

Reiki heals you as a whole, meaning that your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects are getting a multitude of benefits like being in your most tranquil state of mind and embedding relaxation.


Reiki healing originated in Japan.

It is a technique used for the purpose of decreasing your stress and improving the internal relaxation that simultaneously heals you.

It is done by putting the hands on the person. 

Upon this act, an invisible source of life energy is flowing from the hands of the person to you and is believed to be the cause of our living.

If your life energy force is at the minimum level, then you are prone to feeling stressed or acquiring diseases, and if it is at the maximum level, you are equipped with happiness and health.

Reiki healing is a method of simplicity, naturally done, and safety that focuses on the healing of your spirit and improving yourself in the best way.

It has been reported with miraculous tendencies to a person, for it is evidently effective in conquering maladies and illnesses while improving your mindset. 


Brings about deep relaxation
Improves sleep
Relieves physical pain, stiffness, and tension
Accelerates natural healing of wounds
Energizes you when you're drained-physically & mentally
Reduces stress and physical, emotional, mental & energetic impacts of stress
Gradually clears up chronic problems
Helps prevent the development of disease
Detoxifies the body and improves health
Dissolves energy blockages- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
Releases emotional wounds
Helps change negative conditioning & behavior

Improves concentration and mental clarity

It is also effective with given techniques from both medical and therapeutic ways because it soothes the side effects and increases your healing stage. This is supported by a United States survey in 2007 that witnesses 1.2 million human adults that tested Reiki healing once in 2006.

It was also believed that more than 60 hospitals offered Reiki healing to their patients with various diseases and stages of recovery. The use of Reiki healing is not usually taught in a common way but is being passed to a student in a Reiki class.

The capability of Reiki healing is passed from a master of Reiki healing to its student by attunement. It gives the student the ability to tap a limitless source of the force of life energy to enhance your health and give you the best state of life. 


During accidents and emergencies
To strengthen a relationship 
For protection, while at work, at home, in your car or while traveling
To improve financial situations
On food and drink
To help with achieving goals 
To heal past unresolved issues
To receive inspiration or clarification on an issue

Together with CRYSTALS

Reiki healing uses the nature of spirituality, but it is not based on religion. It does not originate from a dogma nor does it need your trust in learning it and using the Reiki healing technique to others.

It is independent of belief and will do its own effects without the satisfaction of you believing in it or not.

Because the use of Reiki healing came from God, people usually witness Reiki healing as more of a religious experience.

Looking for alternative ways to heal your life?

 Reiki healing might be the perfect match for you.

Our spiritual practices, relationships, and work in the world are only as healing as the energy and qualities we bring to it.  

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6 Responses

Terresa Franklin
Terresa Franklin

July 24, 2020

Reiki goes back to ancient Tibet and was rediscovered by Usui around 1900. My Reiki Master was trained by his granddaughter. I am pleased to find your site.


June 23, 2020

Would be interested in learning

Michelle L
Michelle L

June 22, 2020

I would be Interested in a Reiki retreat. Or weekend of spiritual healing. Any suggestions?

Lori Eischens
Lori Eischens

June 22, 2020

I love your products and want to know more about Reiki,


June 22, 2020

is there a list of reiki healers that practice with clients

Rosemary Velasquez
Rosemary Velasquez

June 16, 2020

Elizabeth @ Vinaya, I apologize for not being able to be active in ordering more Vinaya products. We are having financial difficulties. I LOVE all your products but I am unable to at this time.

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