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September 01, 2020 5 min read


*A full moon is a time for renewing your energy, releasing negativity, and manifesting. Read on to learn full moon rituals that are easy to remember and perform on your own. 

Are you someone who loves to stare up at the beauty of the moon, watching each night for different moon phases and feel a calm wash over you as the bright radiance of the moon's glow shines down upon you? You feel an instant connection looking up to the sky at the picture-perfect roundness of a beaming full moon. Something is pulling you towards this sight, so much so that you have to take a moment to reel in your emotions. 

A full moon will ask you to release what you’re holding in and amplify your energy with its own powerful cleansing abilities. You may not know it yet, but revealing your pent up frustrations underneath the full moon will benefit your energy tenfold. 

Symbolically, a full moon represents new beginnings in your life as the start of another moon cycle is about to begin. Often, traditional full moon rituals are practiced to use the immense energy of the full moon to cleanse yourself from negativity and start your new path with positive intentions. 

How to Prepare For a Full Moon Ritual 

A full moon will induce labor in pregnancy, cause unfortunate accidents, or awaken supernatural creatures. Right? 


These made-up claims are examples of rumors produced by people who knew and feared the strength of a full moon’s energy. The brilliance of the moon has always led to myths, folklores, and religious beliefs having to do with the powerful energy of the moon. Surely you’ve heard a few tales in your time. 

During a full moon, the sun is positioned directly opposite from the moon, giving the moon its bright glow. It’s for this reason that a full moon radiates such potent energy for having added strength with the help of the sun’s energy as well. 

Before practicing any rituals for the full moon, prepare yourself by clearing your mind, your energy, and your personal environment to the best of your abilities. This means: 

  • Meditating to clear your head from cluttered thoughts
  • Using sage to smudge the inside of your space
  • Taking a shower to clean your body with a salt scrub
  • Clearing your senses with soothing oil and plants, like lavender and eucalyptus

Whichever way you choose to create a clean space within and around yourself is up to you, but it’s always a good practice before the start of a full moon ritual to reap the benefits in full. 

Rituals to Remember

You have already cleansed yourself and your space as mentioned above. Now it’s time to get started! For your first full moon, you can use every one of the following rituals together or just the one that suits your purpose best. Once you get more accustomed and familiar with the ritual routines,  you will be able to distinguish which parts from this list to separate for your own personalized full moon ritual. 

Burning Bridges That No Longer Serve You

Burning written words to release that spent energy. An example of this would be the end of a past relationship or thoughts that have been plaguing your mind. Write down your intention to let go of that toxicity on a piece of paper. Even writing a letter to someone as a sort of goodbye will work. Take your time burning each piece of paper to ashes. You can use a single candle, fireplace, or fire pit for this practice. Get creative! The choice is up to you. 


Bathing in the Full Moon

Just like soaking up the sun is good for vitamin D, soaking in a moon bath is great for recharging your energy. Try to quiet your mind and let your stress loosen its hold as the full moon illuminates you. A full moon will release your stressors and negativity as long as you allow yourself to let them go. When you do, the full moon will reward you by recharging your energy with renewed positivity. 

Crystal Cleanse Using the Full Moon

The powerful light emanating from a full moon is your perfect opportunity to cleanse and recharge your crystals. A full moon's energy lasts for 3 days before and after the full moon passes, so you can also leave your crystals out for this time frame. If some of your crystals are too large and heavy to move outside, place them in front of a window where they can capture the full moons beams. 

Smudge Yourself +  the Outside of Your Home 

Once your sage bundle is lit, remember to blow out the flame, leaving only billowing smoke. Waft the smoke from your bundle around yourself to cleanse your body, heart and mind. While doing this, keep your intentions clear and in the front of your mind. You can also smudge the outside of your home by walking to each end of your property. From corner to corner, smudge your home and garden while sternly vocalizing your intentions. 

Meditate & Reflect

Meditating underneath a full moon will allow you to absorb the calming energy you desire while banishing any negativity that is weighing you down. Close your eyes and fall into the sounds of nature. Hear the crickets chirping song as you silently expel everything you want to let go. Reflect on your gratitude. Be thankful for the abundance the universe has bestowed upon you.

Manifest Your Own Destiny

Speak your future into the universe. Now is the time to repeat positive affirmations of what’s to come. Use the magnified energy of the full moon to manifest what you want in your life. Gather objects that inspire you for your manifestation ritual like specific crystals that bear an important meaning to you or photographs of traveling places you want to visit soon. When you keep your mind and words in a positive light, focusing on the goals you want to achieve, the law of attraction and the full moon is on your side. The universe will hear you, too!

Tools For the Next Full Moon

You will be grateful for the chance to have this monthly full moon cleansing ritual in your back pocket to use whenever you want! These full moon rituals are easy to remember and repeat to your unique choice. You can pick any parts of this ritual to perform as you feel the need to with each moon cycle. 

Will you use this time to get ready for the next full moon? Save this easy guide to full moon rituals to reread and refresh before your big night! 

Don’t forget to check outVinaya’s shop for supplies for your full moon rituals. We’ve got you covered withcrystals,sage bundles, energy protectionbracelets, and more!

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November 01, 2020

I am looking forward to cleansing with a burning of written words under a Blue Moon during Halloween weekend. Charging my new bracelet and necklace will take no time at all.

Miyoshi Morris
Miyoshi Morris

September 10, 2020

can you charge with the Sun as well?

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