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December 29, 2020 4 min read


Cleansing Works Wonders

Let’s be honest. This year has been one chaotic roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs and loop-de-loops. You or someone you know might have been put out of work, struggling with social distancing, or having trouble with your mental health. 

Everyday stressors are already a huge load to handle. Adding the pandemic of Covid-19 in the forefront of everyone’s minds has been a struggle this year. 

It’s taken a noticeable toll on your moods and energy. You’ve had to cancel plans, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. On top of that, major life events like birthday parties, weddings, or graduations have been put on hold. You’re constantly sanitizing your hands and anything you touch, worrying about germs all day long. 

You already have to be worried about having a life-threatening virus. The last thing you need is a mental breakdown to add fury to the fire. You can’t deny it. You’re tired of being worried, isolated, and unsure. You feel physically and mentally drained at this point and you don’t want to think of starting another year with this mentality. 

You need to see some bright light at the end of the tunnel. You need a breakthrough.

A little TLC doesn’t hurt from time to time. In fact, it’s just what you need to regain some positive strength in your life. A time to reflect, let go, andjust breathe. 

Cleansing for the new year is a way to let go of the toxic 2020 energy. Leave the fear, uncertainty, and stress behind. You need a fresh start. 

You want a brand new year full of love, joy, and positive vibes— and you’re going to achieve it. Set your intention with this New Year's cleansing ritual. 

Manifest it now.  

New Years Cleansing Ritual

You want a quick fix, but remember setting powerful intentions and being prepared for rejuvenation takes effort, determination, and focus. It’s an easy 5-step process for this new year’s cleansing ritual to set the tone for a new beginning. All you need to do is stay in the mindset of positivity and believe in your own will and energy to complete your cleanse. 

Step 1: Set Your Sacred Space

Set up your sacred space for your ritual with your choice of candle/s, crystals, and mementos of positive moments from this year. You want to light your candles with positive thoughts and clear intention for your New Year’s cleansing ritual to begin in the right direction. Prepare an altar for this specific ritual to keep throughout the new year by setting your crystals into a crystal grid, keeping  sacred geometry in mind. This will help with step 4 of this ritual routine. 

Step 2: Smudge

To start off your new year’s cleansing ritual you will first need to smudge your space and objects to make sure everything is clear of negative energy. You can use several different tools to get the job done.

  • Sage stick
  • Singing bowls
  • Smudge spray 

When working with sage, light your sage stick using your candle’s flame and blow to get the smoke started. You will then begin wafting smoke over your crystal, candles, space and yourself. 

The same technique can be used for smudge spray or singing bowls. Simply spray your ritual tools, space, and your body with smudge spray. For singing bowls, you will use the sound waves towards your space to allow the tones to ring your space into clarity. 

Step 3: Write Your Struggles

 Here’s where the past stays in the past to become thankful for its lessons but gladly forgotten. Write your struggles that have occurred through 2020 on small strips of paper and place them into a singing bowl. Burn the papers with the end of your sage stick to turn the past to ashes and lay your worries to rest for good. 

Step 4: Goal Setting


Let’s begin finding inspiration for the new year. Write your goals for 2021 on a piece of paper and place the goal list beneath the center stone of your crystal grid. These goals can be big or small, long term or short term. Starting your year off knowing what you want will help you stay on track. Putting together an inspiration board to stand next to your altar is an option, too. You can use anything from motivational quotes to clippings of pictures displaying places you want to visit. 

Step 5: Meditate 

Relax your body, mind, and soul in deep meditation. Take a deep breath, hold it in, and let it go as every negative thought vanishes from your mind. Try to remain in complete silence. This includes silence from your own racing thoughts. Quiet them. Close your eyes and focus on your even breathing— don’t get distracted. 

In this ritual so far, you have already burned away the negatives of 2020. 

You’ve  also set your intention for the new year with positive aspirations. 

Now, it’s time to be present in the here and now. Put your mind at ease and be conscious of yourself and your surroundings. Listen to the sounds from nature around you. Take it all in and be grateful.  

Good Riddance, 2020!


Ah, the fresh recharge. 

Can you feel it? Isn’t it wonderful?

Going forward you will breathe a little easier, think more positive thoughts, and bring your goals into reality. Banishing all the negatives from the last year I order to start with a clean slate for next year doesn’t have to be a tough process. It’s as simple as just following along to the guidelines of these 5 easy steps. 

You’ve got 2021 in the palm of your hand and Vinaya has you covered for your New Year’s cleansing ritual needs. 

Head toVinaya’s shopfor the best picks ofcrystals,sage,malas, and many more ritual tools!

2 Responses

Shri Kingsford
Shri Kingsford

December 30, 2020

This a wonderfully healthy plan to create an exciting new year!

Vicki Crystal
Vicki Crystal

December 30, 2020

Thank you for these five steps. I received them after my sunrise meditation this morning. What divine intervention.

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