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April 20, 2021 2 min read


Qualities of a Taurus

Just as a bull has four feet flat on the ground, the Taurus - an Earth sign - is grounded, dependable, and focused on the real world around them rather than dreams or fantasies. Rather than be in their own heads, Tauruses prefer to be in their bodies. Tactile sensations, movement like exercise and dance, and pleasurable experiences like good food or tender touches are all very important to a Taurus.

Tauruses are happiest when circumstances are stable and predictable, and don’t enjoy lots of change. The one exception to this is travel. Most Taurus signs have a strong sense of wanderlust and enjoy seeking out new experiences, exploring faraway places, and trying a wide assortment of delicacies. 

Taurus Symbols

Bull:Steady and strong, a bull is the largest animal in the Zodiac symbology. This reflects the way a Taurus will ‘fill’ their entire life, never shrinking back from a relationship or an opportunity. Strong and stubborn just like a bull, a Taurus is deeply loyal to the people and places they love, and won’t change their mind easily. 

Venus: Associated with love, pleasure, and sensuality, the planet Venus is the clear ruler of the Taurus sign. A Taurus cares about the aesthetics of something and has a very refined taste in food, music, or whatever they’re most invested in. Sometimes a bit materialistic, Tauruses are often talented cooks, dancers, and decorators.

Green: Perhaps it’s because the color red traditionally angers bulls, the color most associated with Taurus is green, which sits opposite red on the color wheel. Born in spring, Tauruses have a connection with lush green grass, luxurious beds of flowers, and the lovely shade of a big leafy tree. 

Crystals for Taurus

For a Taurus, the most important aspect of a crystal is how it fits that individual Taurus’ preferences. Any crystal of any color will connect with a Taurus sign if it aligns with that person’s aesthetic. Conversely, even if a crystal has properties that might benefit a Taurus, it won’t be as effective if it isn’t attractive to that person.

However, if a Taurus is looking for a crystal with energies that will best resonate with their sign, these crystals associated with the heart are their best bet. Rose Quartz to invite in more compassion; Citrine to bring newness into their lives; Rhodonite to enhance Taurus' natural tendencies for love and generosity; Green Aventurineto remove blockages in their heart and stimulate inner peace and positivity.. 

Crystal Work for Tauruses

Meditating with crystals can help a Taurus become less bull-headed and more comfortable with change. Crystal meditations can also help any Taurus looking to channel their more “bullish” tendencies. 

Crystal meditations for Tauruses:

  • Change is a natural part of life
  • I can find groundedness in cycles and rhythms
  • Satisfaction is within my reach

  • The practical and pleasure-seeking Taurus can benefit from crystal energies that allow them to focus on what brings them joy and pursue new opportunities.

    Use crystals to:

    • Balance and design a pleasing space in the home
    • Cultivate an inner openness to new ideas
    • Stay mindful and ‘savor’ life

    Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Taurus

    2 Responses


    April 30, 2021

    Ciertamente todos los Taurus tienen “ALGUNAS COSAS COMUNES”, pues esta en dependencia del día, del ascendente y este en relacion con la hora del nacimiento, pero si, testarudos todos lo somos y todos nos gusta la naturaleza y el olor a hierba mojada. Soy nuevo en el blog pero algo mayorcito pues como tauro en fin, hago galas de de el pues nací el 1 de mayo hace ya unos ….71 años que llevo orgullosamente arrastrando esta siempre lindo día del no menos encantador mes de mayo.

    Erlinda Carin
    Erlinda Carin

    April 20, 2021

    This is perfect . All the things you said is true to a Taurus . I’m one of them and me and the queen has the same birthday.
    Thank you

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