The Crown Chakra | Awaken It's Power

The Crown Chakra | Awaken It's Power

June 13, 2020 3 min read 2 Comments

 Just as the Root or First Chakra connects us to the Mother Earth, the Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universe.

In fact, the Seventh Chakra disperses the Universal energy or life force into the six other chakras located below it. 

Crown Chakra Meaning 

This chakra’s function is to manage specific areas of the brain, the nervous system, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and all master glands.
The crown chakra represents your realization and independence from mortal things, your wisdom, and your wholeness.

Location in the Body 

The seventh chakra, or more commonly known as the crown chakra, can be found just above the top of the head.

The crown chakra is closely associated with the brain and the whole nervous system.

Earth Element

 Associated with bright white and golden light and with the element of pure light.

Crown Chakra Color 

VIOLET/PURPLE governs the CROWN chakra, at the top of the head. 

The Crown Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world. Violet relates to self-knowledge/spiritual awareness.

Crown Chakra Symbol  

 Depicted as a violet thousand-petaled lotus flower. This thousand-petaled lotus symbol that is associated with the crown chakra is one that possesses transcendental meaning.

The chakra symbols are actually meant to represent the cosmic geometry of the universe.

Physical Manifestation

Neurological Problems


Nerve Pain

Psychological disorders





Poor vision

Healing Affirmations

I am love

I am light

I am oneness

I am healed

I am unity

I am at peace

I am healed on all levels of my being

I am whole and complete

I trust life

I am fully awake and aware

I am pure love and light

I am connected to all that is

I am protected by the divine light  


When balanced, you are totally and completely mindfully present in each moment.

If your crown chakra is blocked you can experience feelings of emotional distress, isolation, and disconnection from other people and events. You may also feel quite as usual, only without feelings of enlightenment and spiritual connection.

Balanced Crown Chakra

Divine Peace

Inner Wisdom


Broad Understanding

Spiritually Connected


Able to perceive 


Creative Energy

Unbalanced Crown Chakra




Disconnect from the spiritual side of life

A lack of connection or guidance from a higher power

Feeling unworthy of spiritual help 

Anger that your higher power has abandoned you

Not being able to see the higher picture

Lack of clarity


According to the standard chakra colors test, the crown chakra is associated with violet. However, it also has links to clear stones and crystals.

With the help of crown chakra stones, you can change your life for the better. Keep in mind though, it’s important that you use the correct stones that resonate with you.




Works to bring tranquility to your mind and your crown chakra so you can focus on healing any blockages that are holding you back from experiencing bliss. 

Improve the flow of energy in any part of this crown chakra area.


A great stone to achieve mental spiritual clarity. Quartz opens the chakras and aura energy.


Soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness

Its healing vibrations work in both the lower and higher crown chakra. 


 Brings clarity of mind and decisiveness. It is ideal for high vibration meditations.





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All healing stones and crystals possess their own meanings and vibrational energy. The key is to learn how to use healing chakra stones and pair the right stone with the affected chakra.

It's always best to HEAL and REALIGN your CHAKRAS. 

Tune into your creativity and let it flow! 

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I hope this article will be powerful additions to your healing work with the Crown chakra.

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Mcclay Morgan
Mcclay Morgan

June 22, 2020

The information that you provide it about the Crown chakara is very enlightening


June 22, 2020

I love this experience of awakening!

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