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September 30, 2020 2 min read

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The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Last but certainly not least, the crown chakra is the final of the seven chakras. Meaning “thousand-petaled,” this chakra is the least connected to the body and most closely associated with thought and pure consciousness.

Location of the Crown Eye Chakra

Called the crown chakra for a reason, this chakra is located at the very top of the skull, where one would wear a crown.

Have you ever tried to balance something on top of your head? It required perfect posture and a strong awareness of the top of your head. Some posture coaches recommend imagining an invisible string coming from the top of your head and being pulled upward, giving you a strong and straight posture. 

Symbols of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the only chakra with two symbolic colors: violet or white. White contains all the colors within it, representing the way the crown chakra presides over all the other chakras, completing the chakra ladder and allowing us to ascend beyond ourselves.

Violet, like the crown, is also associated with royalty. This tells us that the crown chakra is the leader, helping us combine all our work and energies from the other six chakras into a mind and being that is complete and full.

Like its name suggests, the crown chakra is also represented by a lotus with a thousand petals. The innumerable abundance of this image - something that is nearly impossible to imagine, let alone draw - reflects the all-encompassing nature of this chakra, and its ability to lift us up beyond the limitations of our world.

Working with the Third Eye Chakra

The crown chakra is perhaps the most difficult to work with, and requires that we have done the work to open and awaken all the lower chakras that sit beneath it. Rushing to our crown chakra doesn’t work, so it teaches us patience and requires that we honor and respect all the energies within us and the needs in our lives. 

Still, it’s very worthwhile to connect with our crown chakra, especially through meditations or mantras. Consider one of these:

  • I am responsible for my own growth and ascendance
  • The work required for a full life is work worth doing
  • Royal glory rests within me

  • Visualizations often help in chakra work. When meditating with, or working to awaken, your crown chakra, picture yourself wearing a beautiful crown.

    Notice how it affects your posture and your sense of self. Now imagine the power flowing down from that crown into the rest of your body, filling you with glory and light.

    Crystals for the Crown Chakra

    Since the crown chakra is symbolized by both violet and white, there are many options for those looking to add healing crystals to their chakra work.

    For violet, Charoite or Amethyst are both strong choices for crown chakra work. White stones with prismatic qualities, like Moonstone or Opalite, are best. White stones with prismatic qualities, like Moonstone or Opalite, are best. 

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    October 13, 2020

    I’ve always felt especially drawn to Howlite, when working with the crown chakra, as well. Also stichite has been wonderful to work with, I’ve found. It’s nice to have more than 1 option of stones/crystals to work with where chakra work is concerned. Only you know what feels best for you. I say, get a feel for multiple energy’s & choose what feels best for you. ♡

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