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March 11, 2019 2 min read

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Yellow Jasper is one of the most powerful stones we offer.

For centuries, civilizations have used this sacred stone for protection in both the physical realm and the spiritual. This stone is known to be used to invoke healing, courage, wisdom, and rain.

This makes sense seeing as this stone is associated with the naval, or manipura chakra. This is where all of our strong, leadership qualities come from; invigoration, self-confidence, courage. Opening this chakra using Yellow Jasper has monstrously powerful effects.


Yellow Jasper has been widely used and recognized for protection and discernment throughout history. Its power to release inner strength and mental fortitude has been known to help people on both physical and spiritual journeys.

Just like the manipura chakra, this stone is deeply rooted in the earth and brings grounding and stability to those who embrace it. Its grounding properties also aid greatly in meditation, yoga, and pranayama.

Wearing Yellow Jasper not only enhances the qualities of the manipura (yellow) chakra, but also deflects the opposite properties, such as jealousy or self-doubt.




Another little known fact is that is can help with dieting, which in turn builds self-discipline.

But personally, my favorite property of Yellow Jasper is that it facilitates safe astral travel, especially when placed over the heart or naval chakras. We all know how deep and dark the astral plane can become.


I absolutely love Yellow Jasper. This helps to remove blockages in the sacral chakra, which needs to be completed before fully opening my favorite chakra, the heart.

Did I miss any properties or uses? Let me know in the comments section below!

Author / Ice Man / RYT-200 Yoga Instructor / Plant Based Vegan


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Deborah Warner
Deborah Warner

October 29, 2019

I have the medallion but it’s not working for me so I’m trying the bracelet thanku

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