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When it comes to raw metaphysical healing power, turquoise is high on the list.

Dating back to Egyptian times, turquoise has been used for its great healing powers. After them, the Tibetans, and then Native Americans used the strength of this rich gemstone. Even now, Native Americans use this stone for healing rituals.

The power of turquoise has been recently re-discovered again due to the power of the earth's energies that this stone has absorbed. As a result, the stones release this energy back into us to heal a variety of ailments.



Turquoise is known to heal many calamities including depression, anxiety, stress, and pain in the spirit, mind, and body. This stone also helps remove any blockages in the throat chakra, helping us to speak the truth with courage and conviction, while also knowing when to be humble and remain silent.
Although turquoise can be placed anywhere on the body for its positive effects to be felt, it is recommended to be worn on the throat, third eye, or solar plexus for maximum effect.

There are also multiple types of turquoise, with the strongest being Tibetan or Nevadan.


As said before, turquoise can help any physical ailment. However, it is strongest at healing any ailments of the immune, respiratory, excremental, and skeletal systems. Similar to amethyst, it is also great for detoxification from alcohol.

Seeing as this stone heals the throat chakra, it is a stone of clear communication. This is great if you have fear of speaking in front of a large group of people, or if you have something difficult you have to say to somebody you love.


Turquoise is my second favorite stone, right behind amethyst. It helped teach me how to speak up for myself and become more confident as a result.

Do you have any additional information on turquoise that I missed?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Author / Ice Man / Yoga Instructor / WFPB Vegan

P.S. As mentioned above, it is best to wear turquoise around the throat chakra.

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Sherry Parker
Sherry Parker

April 27, 2020

Yes, my favorite stones are Turquoise and Aymathest.


April 27, 2020

I love this necklace!!

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