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September 21, 2020 4 min read

What Does Sacred Mean to You?

You leave the comfort of your quiet home, the warmth of your bed, and your loving pets or family. You rush through your morning routine to go to work, school, or wherever your schedule needs you to be. You have no idea how your day will go and no control over what will happen from one moment to the next. 

You start to count down the time it will take you to get back home. You have to catch that train. Get through traffic. Pick up your weekly groceries. The seconds tick by and still you have problems to solve, people to talk to, and challenges to overcome. 

busy life

Each day seems never-ending. They’re solong. Sodraining. Sotiring

Finally, you arrive at your front door,  inhaling the relief of home sweet home. What's your next step?

Do you take a moment to lounge in your favorite relaxing chair? Putting your feet up, you close your eyes, deep breathing to blow the negative energy of a stressful day away from yourself.

Maybe it’s a different routine for you every day, depending on the amount of time you have available, or the mood that you're in. Some days you're busy and once you get home you have to be somewhere else before you have the time to relax. Other days you might be too tired and you just fall asleep before you can ground yourself into a better state of mind to cleanse your energy.

Creating your own personalized sacred space will become an essential part of your everyday life. You will welcome the idea of having a place of solitude made from the things that make you feel most at ease. Somewhere comfortable where you can sit in peaceful silence to meditate and heal. Your sacred space is your sanctuary away from the hectic noise and heavy energies you experience when you're outside your home.

What Does Sacred Mean to You?

A sacred space can mean something totally different to you than it would to your best friend. Some people consider their sacred space to be their bedroom. Others may designate the corner of their living room to be sacred. What does sacred mean to you?

Make your sacred space somewhere special that you will visit each day to refresh your spirit. A serene place where you know you can be alone, comfortable, and fully relaxed. Remember you can do what you like to create your sacred space. You don’t need to replicate an extravagant temple with pricey, antique sculptures unless that’s what you’re going for! Do what feels right for you.

How to Create A Sacred Space

Once you figure out the best place for your sacred space, it’s time to add your personal touches. Just like any space in your home, you will want to add a few of your favorite things that hold special meaning or remind you of peaceful, happy memories.

You want to keep your sacred space light. What you add to your sacred space is completely up to you. What makes you inspired, grounded, and connected to spiritually? Quiet music, sparkling lights, and calming scents will contribute to the ambiance you desire.

What to add to your sacred space:

Candles: Help start your routine to begin your meditation in your sacred space. The aroma of candles and the dim lighting will give you a relaxing atmosphere.


 Crystals: Choosing specific crystals that resonate with your spirit and bring you tranquility will make the best addition to your sacred space. You can also place small crystals into your smudge spray or purified water to cleanse your sacred space and the items of your collection.


 Inspirational artifacts: Posters, pictures, quote images, and art are just a few examples of inspirational items you can have in your sacred space. Think of anything you can use that inspires you and supports your intentions.

Music:Use music, singing bowls, or positive frequencies to chime your sacred space into calm, positive vibrations.

 Scents:  Lighting incense or diffusing essential oils will promote aromatherapy during your time in your sacred space.

 Nature:Indoor plants and freshly picked flowers will help ground you and contribute to your connection with nature and the outdoors.

Color Scheme:A bright, brilliant yellow color will lift your spirits to make you feel happy and energetic. If you go for a soft, ocean-like blue for your color scheme, this will promote tranquility and a sense of calm. Different colors act as psychological triggers in your emotional state. 

Keeping color theory in mind when putting your sacred items on display, use the color or colors that you are most drawn to. Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the change of emotions.”

Be sure to gather whichever items from this list into your sacred space if you feel a spiritual connection with them. These little details will help ground you.

Heal Yourself in Your Sacred Space

The power of silence is being able to tune out all distractions and outside noises from sources beyond your control. Sitting in silence helps you become aware of your inner self, bringing your intentions to the front of your mind during meditation.

Some may find sitting in silence to be rather difficult at first, but as you practice this great skill over time, your ability to remain silent heightens especially when you have your own sacred space.

You will reap the benefits of having your own personalized sacred space as your very own peaceful corner of the world, ready for access at all times. Once you set up your sacred space with all of the items in tune with your intentions, you will gain nourishment towards yourself and your energy to recuperate when you need it most.


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