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May 04, 2020 3 min read



A birthstone is special and unique to you and the month you were born. 

Ever wonder what story your birthstone tells about you?


But the question is where does birthstone come from? And how gemstone lovers associate this to each month? 

Wearing of birthstones is believed to be important for recreational use and aesthetic ones, it also brought good fortune, protection, wealth, health, and even supernatural energy. 


Garnet has been derived from the term “seeds” since this stone has resembled itself to pomegranate seeds by its red hue and form. Those born in January are lucky since its birthstone brings good health, fortune, and happiness.

In ancient history, Garnet has been one of the most widely used gems to adorn pharaohs’ necklaces and other accessories. Garnet is also associated with qualities of constancy and loyalty.


This birthstone is said to tighten relationships and marked by temperance, moderation, seriousness, peace, and courage. Ancient Greeks believed that this stone guarded against drunkenness and intoxication. Its purple color also emits compassion and protection.



This month’s birthstone is closely related to ingeniousness, hope, trust, innovation, self- expression, and health. March's birthstone is believed to heal some illnesses and diseases through drinking the water where gem had soaked into.

This cool blue hue stone, aside from its color, sailors believed that its pure and lasting gem protects them from the open seas and ocean.


April’s birthstone is generally recognized and familiarized as the strongest element on Earth. Aside from being symbolic of undying love, diamond possesses innocence, chastity, guiltless, and morally pure.

This stone is also known as a defense for insanity. Some diamonds are detailed in other hues such as pink, black, yellow, and multiple colors as well.



Emerald is usually known as green in color. This birthstone signifies faithfulness, fertility, rebirth, abundance, wisdom, and patience.

Emerald is also associated with Earth since spring is one of the seasons where everything starts re-calibrating life and spirits. Some businessmen always wanted emerald as their birthstone because of its energy and qualities. 


This birthstone entails its distinctive qualities and symbols such as purity, can heal insanity, calm for upset thoughts, balance, faithfulness, humility, and joy. Early Greeks said that pearls were the hardened tears that fell from the eyes of the Goddess of love - Aphrodite.

Pearl is organic in nature since it can be found in clams and other mollusks. Pearls help us to balance between physical and spiritual matters.



July’s birthstone has been considered being the lord of all Gems. Ruby represents sage, discernment, fondness, benevolence, and value of affection. This red and bloody color gem signifies vigor, nobility, beauty, protection from evil, success and attracts good fortune.

Ruby is the most valuable gemstone especially if it is colored and its qualities increase too. Ruby owners are said to be free from any adversity, sickness, and illness. 


This gem identifies as greenish and yellowish stone or brilliant lime green. In golden days, peridot is believed to ward off evil and black spirit. It helps people who wore this to lessen stress and demote vividness.

This stone is associated with prosperity and greener fortune.


“Guard against evil” is one of its known distinguished characters of September’s birthstone. The people who wore sapphire are believed to be protected from poisons, harm, and toxins. It helps the owner to channel good powers, concentration, and discipline.  Its royal blue hue represents allegiance, truth, and verity. 


Opal is known as having multiple colors, showing endurance, self-esteem, freedom, consciousness, and confidence. Opal also gives a prophecy that ensures owners’ success in life.

This stone is also good in meditating, emotional recovery, and let the immune system always active. It has also the ability to giving positive sight for everyday living as it survives against negativity. 


Topaz has claimed unique characteristics and some of these are friendship, strength, and intellect. Topaz meant to give good fortune and long life.

This blue colored gem also symbolizes love and promotes a healthy mind and it is highly believed as a healing gemstone.


The December birthstone is known as affection and charm. It is anti-inflammatory and helps the person who wore this to reduce stress and panic attacks. 

This blue-green gem was centered on positive energy and protection against evil. Turquoise is the stone of wisdom, intuition, sensitivity, serenity, empathy, and brings luck.

These gems are not just attractive and beautiful outside but also have a lot of benefits and health effects on one’s owners. 

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May 21, 2020

My birthstone is turquoise. December is when I was born. What charms do you offer for the month of December? (Birthstone)


May 21, 2020

My Birthday is october

Ana Castellon
Ana Castellon

May 21, 2020

Love All Gemstones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica Crabtree Hill
Veronica Crabtree Hill

May 21, 2020

My birthstone is the Turquoise.
I should like to think I have the qualities mentioned.

Veronica Crabtree Hill
Veronica Crabtree Hill

May 21, 2020

My birthstone is the Turquoise.
I should like to think I have the qualities mentioned.

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