Taurus Crystal Kit

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April 20th - May 20th♉︎

A Taurus is naturally dependable and focused on the real world around them. Natural planners, a Taurus thrives in perfectly planned situations. Taurus is happiest when their lives are predictable and planned out, but struggles to dream big and dive deep into their wildest fantasies.  

To keep you dreaming and exploring, the custom bracelet balances the energy of the earth associated with your sign. This will allow your ‘inner organizer’ to perform at its peak. And, at the same time, give your aura the support it needs to dream big and embrace change. 

We sourced, and used the best crystals for Taurus in the custom bracelet, namely: 

Citrine - attracts newness and prosperity, so you don’t become too comfortable 

Green Aventurine - relieves stress, so you can be successful without the added emotional pressure

Rose Quartz - releases fears and worries, so you can open your heart to giving and receiving love and kindness

Rhodonite - reveals your hidden talents, so you can tap into your true self

Lava Stone - enhance your creativity, so you can have unlimited ideas to build your success

The Adjustable Raw Fluorite Ring works to rejuvenate you from within. This ring will guide you to your greatest achievements.

The Mini Sage Smudge Sticks act as the energy cleanser of all your healing crystals embellishing the bracelet and ring.

What's included

  • 7" custom Taurus bracelet (will fit a 6-6.5" wrist) with 8mm authentic and ethically sourced gemstones: Citrine, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Lava Stone.
  • 0.7-1" raw Fluorite crystal set in a gold adjustable ring
  • (3) 2-3" white sage bundle

How to Use

Hold your tools in the palms of your hands, and speak your intentions to them.

Keep your bracelet and ring close to you. Create an unbreakable bond that allows you to connect with the stars of your zodiac.

Allow your constellation to give you energy and strength.

Whenever doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space, simply bring your focus to your crystals.

Recite your intentions, again, and let the words flow over you, allowing the negativity to melt away.

After continued use, cleanse the bracelet and ring by lighting the Mini Smudge Stick and allowing it to be immersed in the gentle smoke. This will transform all negative energy absorbed by the tools into positive vibrant energy.

Intentions You Can Use

  • Change is a natural part of life.
  • I can find groundedness in cycles and rhythms.
  • Satisfaction is within my reach.