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Grounding Om Orgone Necklace

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Ground yourself so that your spirit stays in perfect harmony with your body with our Grounding Om Orgone Necklace. Embrace the psychic defense powers of this necklace infused with black tourmaline which will keep you away from harmful energies and keep you centered.

The healing properties of Black Tourmaline have been recognized and used for centuries.It is a purifying stone that has the power to absorb and fight off distractions. This stone also blocks electromagnetic radiation. Envelop yourself with eternal tranquility andlet the zest for life flow through you!

Wear it as a necklace or as a nice piece of accessory andlet our Grounding Om Orgone Necklace give you the power you need and the wisdom to ground you.


  • 100% Authentic stones: Black Tourmaline Powder
  • Eco friendly resin
  • Size: 1.38 inches
  • The chain is approximately 19in long and adjustable
  • Packaging: Vegan-friendly cord, packed in a beautiful linen pouch and gift box