Ultimate Protection Bracelet - Vinaya

Ultimate Protection Bracelet

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Full protection at all levels — by simply having this on your wrist.

Black Obsidian is a stone of cleansing, that works not only for stress-related problems like anxiety and anger but also for strengthening your connection to the higher power. It has calming energy that helps attain better overall health.

Tiger’s Eye serves as a protective stone against all kinds of malicious intent or energy, while also boosting your inner strength to face the unknown in your life journey. It clears your path away from ill-wishes and negative people.

Selenite forms a psychic force to shield you from any unforeseen danger. It also transmutes negativity into clear, positive energy so you can experience a broader and more optimistic attitude towards life.


✨ High-quality gemstones: Black Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye, Cat’s Eye

✨ Genuine 8mm beads

✨ Strung on durable stretchy cord

✨ Fits wrist size 6.0 inches - 7.0 inches