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Strength and Courage Mala (Joan of Arc)

Stay robust and unbreakable in our hectic world with ourStrength and Courage Mala (Joan of Arc). With this Mala,you’ll have a great push inachieving victories and successes in life.

Get ready for a mind-blowing healing journey because when you connect with the energy ofBlack Onyx, allimpurities are relinquished and you’ll begin toface daily life challenges with new ideasandstrong decision-making skills.Conqueryour fears and inhibitions, the only thing getting in the way of yourperfect balanceto your heart and spirit.

Amplify your body’s naturalself-healing capacity andstrengthen your body and immunity - Jadeiteis not only a very gentle healing stone but alsoattracts good fortune into your home. 

Take the leap. Stop dreaming and start healing! Get up and take action with ourStrength and Courage Mala!


Gemstones: Black onyx & Jadeite 

Stone Size: 8 mm x 108 beads 

Mala Length: 34 inches (88cm)