Grounding Energy Orgone Necklace

Being grounded means staying balanced. Balance brings opposites together, helping you find steadiness and stability. Our Grounding Energy combines deep black tourmaline with a bright white background, providing two color polarities that can bring you into a grounded state.

This lovely 3.9cm diameter pendant forms the shape of a perfect circle, capturing the ancient “yin/yang” symbol, which has long represented balance and groundedness. Black, the absence of color; and white, the presence of all colors, combine to represent groundedness and balance. 

A red copper coil in the center of the pendant not only adds brightness but creates a visual representation of grounded energies, with a strong center spiraling outwards to connect with the world. When you follow the copper spiral shape with your eyes as you focus on your breath, you can enter into a grounded state using techniques from the ancient practice of labyrinth walking, which has helped monks ground themselves for centuries. 

Wearing our Grounding Energy pendant provides plenty of opportunities to ground yourself, seeking balance and steadiness within your mind. While wearing it, try walking barefoot, noticing the way your feet connect with the ground. Let your body sense the energies of the earth, drawing you into a grounded and meditative state. 


  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline
  • Metals: copper wire
  • 3.9cm diameter, 0.8cm thickness