Intuition Orgone Necklace

All of us receive and interpret messages from ourselves and the world around us, but not all of us are ready to listen. Let go of anything that clouds your intuition and cultivate trust in your own inner voice when you wear our Intuition Orgone Necklace. 

Our Intuition Orgone Necklace is not only a delicate, atmospheric piece of jewelry, but a tool to help you connect with your own intuition. In this round, 3.9cm diameter pendant, blue quartz on a white background captures the beauty of a cloud-filled summer sky.

Visualize the clouds parting to reveal the bright blue of your own inner truth. Wear this striking pendant to remind yourself to connect with, and listen to, your intuition.

Blue Quartz represents clarity of mind and can serve as a meditation aid when considering how to respond to the world around you. What is your intuition telling you? What information are you receiving from your true self? What can you hear, feel, and sense from your surroundings? Listen and choose your response with intuitive intentionality. 


  • Crystals: Blue Quartz
  • Metals: copper wire
  • 3.9cm diameter, 0.8cm thickness