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Chakra Grounding Bracelet

Chakras need to be aligned to tune into your mind, body and spirit, this uniquely designed bracelet will make you feel more balanced and protected from negative energy of all kinds. When worn the right way, the negative vibes around you will be replaced with a more positive outlook the world has to offer. 

The rainbow color represents the type of vibration radiating through the chakras---survival, creativity, personal power, expression of truth, inner wisdom and connection with spirituality. Wear this Grounding Chakra Bracelet on your wrist and feel the calm energy flow absorbs each inch by the skin. There is a good idea when wearing a bracelet, and that is wearing it with your hand you least use. You’ll be wearing:

  • Lapis lazuli to release stress, allowing for peace and serenity.
  • Turquoise to induce wisdom and understanding.
  • Jade to promote spiritual growth and renewed commitment to a higher purpose.
  • Citrine to overcome anger and fear, and promotes balance and stability
  • Carnelian to give courage, promotes positive life choices.
  • Red jasper to ease worries, brings tranquility and wholeness.

All bracelets is handcrafted with extreme love and care strung on durable, stretchy cord

Your Chakra Grounding Bracelet is created with genuine 8mm beads. Fits wrist size 6.0 inches - 7.0 inches. It will arrive with you in a neatly packed pouch with love and light, the classic and grounding bracelet ready to connect you to the energy of the Earth.


  • High quality gemstones: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Jade, Citrine, Carnelian and Red jasper 
  • Genuine 8mm beads
  • Strung on durable, stretchy cord
  • Fits wrist size 6.0 inches - 7.0 inches