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Moon Child Orgone Pyramid

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Shining down on mother earth from the starry skies since the beginning of times, the moon offers profound energies. You're the master of your faith and the moon guides you toward new growth and spiritual enlightenment.

As a moon child, you're on a journey to discover and enjoy life from its purest nature. This orgone pyramid was handmade to befriend the moon and channel it's amazing energy connecting you to your inner goddess.

Use this token to align your frequency with the Moon's embrace the constant energy flow of the universe with these crystals:

  • Charoite to overcome fears and ground the spiritual self, and assist in strengthening one’s body. 
  • Amazonite to heal and soothes the mind, body, helps balance emotions, and gives physical stamina. 
  • Black obsidian to dissolve emotional blockages brings you the most transformational experience to your life and expands to new levels of enlightenment. 

  • Green Opalto stabilize emotions, gives a sense of strength, lightens the heart, and helps to recover after dealing with stressful situations.


  • Crystals: Charoite, Amazonite, Black obsidian and Green opal
  • Metals: Copper and gold shavings
  • Organic resin
  • 2.36" (6cm) base, 2.36" (cm) height
  • Comes in a beautiful artisan gift box