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Eternal Love Orgone Pyramid

Nothing in this world is more powerful than love. 

Whether you're looking to attract new relationships, need emotional healing from a broken heart or looking to deepen your relationship, the eternal love orgone pyramid was handcrafted with those needs in mind. We all need more love in our lives.

Each crystal was selected to attract the energy and frequency of love:

  • Malachite to bring balance and harmony to the heart promotes self-love and heals emotional pain.

  • Strawberry Rose quartz to boost feelings like love, respect, and open-handedness. Also soothing while creating a peaceful environment.

  • Rhodochrosite to support emotional healing from wounds of past lives. It represents selfless love and compassion. 
  • Crystals: Malachite, Strawberry rose quartz and Rhodochrosite
  • Metals: Copper and gold shavings
  • Organic resin
  • 2.36" (6cm) base, 2.36" (cm) height
  • Comes in a beautiful artisan gift box