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Capricorn Crystal Kit

December 22 – January 19 ♑

To be in perfect control of their destiny is what every Capricorn aims to achieve in life. They are diligent and determined in their passions and relations. They know what they want and what they need to do and be to get it.

Yet in their strength also lies their weakness. The Goats become too focused on their goals that everything and everybody else is set aside, becoming stubborn and too critical of themselves.

To assist you to prioritize self-care while still feeling supported in your intentions, theCustom Capricorn Bracelet balances the cardinal earth element associated with your sign. This will nurture in you energy and motivation to welcome holistic growth so you can truly live the life you desire without pain and emotional burdens.

We sourced and used the best crystals for Capricorn in the custom bracelet, namely: 

Garnet - supports the Heart Chakra to remove energy blockages and bring in overall emotional health, so you can let go of insecurities and pain and with an open, serene heart find the confidence to manifest your dreams

Rutilated Quartz - cleanses all Chakra points and promotes emotional healing while also improving intuition, so you can discover your truth and greatness, and gain motivation especially during challenging times

Azurite - activates the Third Eye Chakra to sharpen your inner wisdom, improve mental clarity and creativity, and open you to spiritual awareness, so you can find clear and calm guidance on your journey towards reaching your goals

Moonstone - balances the Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras to release too much aggressive energy and absorb the grounding power of the moon, so you can move with control, grace, wisdom

TheEMF Protection Sticker helps shield you against the radiation output of electronic devices around your home. It captures EMF radiation and converts it to positive energy.

TheMini Sage Smudge Sticks act as the energy cleanser of all your healing crystals embellishing the bracelet.

What’s Included

  • 7” custom Capricorn Bracelet (will fit a 6-6.5” wrist) with 8mm authentic and ethically sourced gemstones: Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, Azurite, and Moonstone
  • 1 custom Capricorn EMF Protection sticker
  • (3) 2-3” White Sage bundle

How to Use

Hold your tools in the palms of your hands, and speak your intentions to them.

Keep your bracelet close to you. Create an unbreakable bond that allows you to connect with the stars of your zodiac.

Allow your constellation to give you energy and strength.

Whenever doubt and negative thoughts creep into your space, simply bring your focus to your crystals.

Recite your intentions, again, and let the words flow over you, allowing the negativity to melt away.

After continued use, cleanse the bracelet by lighting the smudge stick and allowing it to be immersed in the gentle smoke. This will transform all negative energy absorbed by the tools into positive vibrant energy.

Intentions You Can Use

  • I lead my best life with respect for my safety, boundaries, and happiness.
  • I am open to growth and transformation as I am open to success.
  • I am at my best performance when I allow myself to work with ease and welcome meaningful changes along the way.