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January 01, 2021 4 min read

Crystals to Move on & Let Go of Negativity

Do you ever feel like you’re holding onto grudges that are weighing you down? The longer you spend angry with people for their faults against you, the heavier that grudge burden becomes.

You are wasting your time, emotional health, and energy! 

Time is too precious and fleeting to spend being miserable or tormented because of events or people that have taken you for granted. You are a kind, generous soul and others think they can take advantage of those traits. You have a giving heart to help others when they’re in need, but you never have anyone willing to do the same for you. There’s no one in your corner rooting for you to succeed. In fact, you have witnessed more people turn their backs on you once they’ve milked you dry of your generosity.

It’s about time you think about yourself. Put yourself first. Let go of anything or anyone that doesn’t have your wellbeing in mind. 

It’s not selfish. It’s self-care. 

Crystals have the ability to heal and cleanse your spirit, mind, and energy. There are also plenty of crystals to help you gain strength and courage to move on and let go. These crystals will inspire you to lead the life you want without the invisible chip on your shoulder. 

You want to be free to move on from your past and let go of things that no longer serve you. Each crystal on this list has benefits to instill confidence and insightful clarity into situations and people you need to let go. 

Crystals to Help Your Confidence

Confidence can be a fickle trait. Something goes wrong and our confidence takes a plunge. Something else turns out amazing and your confidence boosts up with an added bonus of self-pride. Here are some crystals with properties to help you gain and maintain your confidence. 

  • Rose Quartz: to love yourself. 
  • Fluoride: to increase focus and determination in decision-making. 
  • Black Tourmaline: to improve mental clarity and awareness while removing toxins. 
  • Clear Quartz: to amplify energy to connect with your higher-self. 
  • Amazonite: to soothe and work through stress & trauma. 
  • Moonstone: for improved peace, intuition, and inspiration. 
  • Blue Chalcedony: to rid self-doubt + increase emotional endurance. 
  • Ruby: to boost positivity. 
  • Jade: for calm mind and wisdom. 
  • Amethyst: to dismantle fear and doubts. 

Crystals for Strength+ Courage

You already know your strength. You’ve already acknowledged that you need to move on and let go of aspects in your life that are weighing you down. That alone takes such immense strength and courage! It takes a long time and can be an internal battle to cut people out of your life especially when they’re close family members or long-time friends. These crystals guide you along the path of letting go in a healthy manner with the added strength and courage you need. 

  • Red Jasper: to improve emotional stability. 
  • Tigers Eye: to center & ground personal energy. 
  • Aquamarine: to speak the truth about emotional trauma. 
  • Carnelian: to tackle challenges. 
  • Aventurine: to work through emotions. 
  • Blue Lace Agate: for better communication and redirecting anger in a healthy manner. 
  • Malachite: for guidance through life-altering transformations.  
  • Citrine: to balance emotions and increase self-expression. 
  • Hematite: for centering and alignment through the root chakra. 
  • Sunstone: for independence and vitality. 

How to Use Your Crystals

You are able to experience the benefits of your crystals through several different methods: meditation, grid placement, wearing, or just carrying your crystals around with you. You will determine the technique you choose by your comfort level. If you need to have a constant source of the crystal's energy near you at all times, wearing or carrying might be the way for you. Or, if you like to have one instance of completing your intention with full concentration through this time of transformation, meditation might work best. 

Meditating with Your Crystals 

Be sure to choose a quiet, sacred space. Light a candle while speaking or thinking your intention. Choose your smudging technique, sage smoke or spray, to cleanse your space and meditation tools. Hold your crystal in the palm of your hand or lie back and place crystals on your chakras. Sit in silence, keeping your intention in mind as you feel your crystal warm you up to absorb its benefits. 

How to Use a Crystal Grid

There are several crystal grid shapes you can use here. Check out our blog onsacred geometry to learn the best placement for your crystals. Place the crystal with the most suited benefits for you in the center of your crystal grid. You can set up your crystal grid in your bedroom, office, or the same place you like to meditate. 

Carrying or Wearing Your Crystal

Choose to carry or to wear your crystal to have an all-day crystal healing experience or constant healing and a reminder from your crystal work. Some methods of carrying include putting your crystal into your pocket, purse, wallet, etc. There are a couple of different ways you can wear your crystal such as a satchel or jewelry. Vinaya offers crystal jewelry—browse our collection here. 

Crystals to Guide You

You’ve got your various crystals to choose from with this list! Take your pick and be sure to cleanse all crystals before and after using them to ensure crystal recharging. You don’t want to forget that crystals need to be cleansed for their benefits to continue working. They are absorbing all negativity as you use them and need to be cleansed to continue to help you. 

It’s not easy to continue on your way toward new beginnings and growth. Growing into your own can hurt, but with the aid of your crystal’s strength— you will succeed. Moving on and letting go is the best decision to go forward in your life and align with your high-self to achieve oneness, peace, and a happier, more fulfilled life path. 

We have your crystal needs covered for letting go of your past & moving on toward better days. VisitVinaya to get started on your journey. 

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