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January 21, 2021 2 min read

Qualities of an Aquarius

Loving and tenderhearted, the empathetic Aquarius cares deeply for the world around them. An Aquarius sees the world not as it is, but as it could be. The visionary and innovative Aquarius sign will fight hard for a cause they believe in, and hates to see anyone suffering.

With high empathy comes a sensitive nature, and an Aquarius can be withdrawn or avoidant when a situation is painful or uncomfortable. While an Aquarius loves their friends and would do anything for the people they care about, they can become easily overwhelmed by strong emotions. 

Aquarius Symbols

Water: Although Aquarius is an air sign, the symbol for an Aquarius is the water bearer or simply a jug or cup of water. This combination of air and water represents the softness of an Aquarius, very aware of pain in themselves and others, and focused on creating a better world. Like their symbol, an Aquarius is a “water bearer,” wanting to carry life-giving resources to anyone in need.

Uranus: The ruling planet for an Aquarius is Uranus, an icy blue planet. Like their ruling planet, an Aquarius can come off as “icy,” especially if they don’t trust someone or feel uncomfortable in a situation. But ice melts into water, which flows and nourishes. An Aquarius who may seem shy at first can “thaw” and become a river of love and peace.

Blue & Silver: It’s no surprise that this sign, which combines water and air and is ruled by the icy blue planet of Uranus, is most connected to the colors of blue and silver. Cooler colors are calming to the easily disturbed Aquarius, and represent their soothing, gentle nature.

Crystals for Aquarius 

Blue crystals, especially in paler or icier colors, are a good choice for an Aquarius. Angelite, often described as “glacier-blue” in color; as well as Labradorite, which comes from a very cold region and contains iridescent blue minerals, are well aligned with the energies of an Aquarius.

Any stone set in silver will work well for an Aquarius. Shungite, with its dark silver color, is a very powerful Aquarian stone. 

Crystal Work for Aquarius

Aquarius signs can become easily overwhelmed by the amount of pain in the world, and sometimes resort to withdrawal or numbing behaviors to cope. Crystal meditations can help an Aquarius manage their empathetic boundaries and identify healthy healing work. 

Crystal meditations for Aquarius:

  • It is not my responsibility to fix others
  • To act on love is enough
  • I deserve the care I give to those I love

    Dreamy and idealistic, an Aquarius can use crystals to focus and empower their work to improve the world.

    Use crystals to:

    • Energize yourself to fight for your chosen cause
    • Channel your loving and healing energy
    • Honor your own needs and worth

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