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July 13, 2019 5 min read


What if I told you that there are EMF waves flowing into your body - right now?  

Just because you don't feel it doesn't mean it's not affecting you. 

So what exactly does this dangerous radiation from EMF do us?

What you don't know could bring harm to you. 

Today, with the rise of these new man-made electromagnetic frequencies, we have changed our earth and body's electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment. 

These new forms of man-made electromagnetic frequency are emitted by many devices, but in particular mobile phones, tablets, laptop, computers, and wi-fi as well as microwaves ovens and television. 

And in today's world, most people are now constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. 

Are EMFs dangerous to our health? 

The answer is YES! 

Too much electronic radiation can lead to a variety of health problems, including development or increase of allergies, an increased risk of cancer, and a multitude of neurological disorders. 

Electromagnetic frequencies damage us at the cellular level, and they're even harmful to children. 

EMF's are all around us. 

So how can you protect yourself and family from EMF exposure? 

Though it is impossible to eliminate or reduce the EMF's around you all the time---

The good news is, you do not need to suffer from EMF exposure.  

There are some incredibly effective steps you can take...

Fill your homes with plants that can absorb or eliminate these waves

    Having these plants such as below you'll be doing yourself and your family a favor and contributing to the overall health of your entire home.

    Here are 10 plants that can absorb electromagnetic radiation:

    • Cactus- Known as an efficient absorber of radioactive waves that may be coming from nearby cell phone towers. Useful for absorbing the radiation that is produced by computers. 

    • Snake Plant- Known as Mother-in-law's tongue which is an effective plant when it comes to absorbing computer radiation. 

    • Spider Plant - Useful in absorbing radiation from your electronic devices. 

    • Betel Leaf Plant- Has a strong ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. 

    • Stone Lotus Flower- One of the most efficient plants that are great in absorbing radiation. 

    • Aloe Vera- Capable of absorbing high levels of radiation and long been used for its medicinal purposes. 

    • Ivy- One of the best absorbers of radiation as it can absorb 90% of benzene in the air within 24 hours. 

    • Asparagus Fern- Well-known antioxidant properties that help to defend against damage that may be caused by exposure to gamma radiation. 

    • Mustard Greens- Great for protecting against electromagnetic radiation. 

    • Rubber Plant- Help absorbs electromagnetic waves. Efficient when stored near your electronic devices. 

    Keeping these plants mentioned on the list around you can help you be more energized, lower stress level, and reduce the frequency of headaches that are often caused by radiation.

    Reduce exposure from known sources

    It may not be possible to avoid using electricity and devices that generate EMFs, but it is possible to reduce EMF exposure. 

    Reducing exposure from sources closest to you will make the most difference and taking preventive measures to protect yourself from EMF radiation is going to be really helpful. 

    We can reduce EMF exposure by:

    • Keep appliances and devices off, or on airplane mode as much as possible

    • Hardwire internet connections, rather than using WiFi

    • If WiFi use is necessary, only turn it on when in use and turn off the WiFi router at night

    • Hardwire computer peripherals rather than using wireless or Bluetooth connections

    • Ensure that your homes electrical wiring is done properly to minimize EMFs.

    • Keep electronic devices, i.e. cell phones, tablets, and computers away from your body.

    • Use headphones to make calls instead of placing the phones near your ear to speak.

    • Sleep away from circuit breakers or large appliances that run overnight, including if the appliance is on the other side of the wall

    • Use protection tools under your laptop, and EMF shields for cell phone.

    Use nutrients that neutralize radiation and or anti-inflammatory foods

    A balanced body can heal itself … but it needs your help.

    It’s important to pay close attention to the foods you consume.

    Here are some foods to protect against EMF radiation:

    • MUSHROOMS- Contain melanin, a radioactive agent.

    • APPLES- Contain pectin. A special fiber that has been shown to lower levels of radioactive compounds.

    • ASTAXANTHIN- One of the most potent antioxidants known to man. It can help to combat EMF-related oxidative stress. 

    • TURMERIC- EMF radiation has been shown to lead to oxidative stress which is linked to inflammation, turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory. 


         The Best EMF Protection

        One of my favorites and I think the best forms of EMF protection comes from CRYSTALS.

        Crystals have so many other unbelievable benefits, and one of which is to protect against EMF. 

        They are wonderful for raising your vibrational energy and cleansing your body and home.

        Highly beneficial to either mitigate EMFs, eliminate or reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation that may be impacting you.

        Here are the best crystals suited for neutralizing the effects of EMF's:  

        • BLACK TOURMALINERepels negativity and harsh frequencies rather than absorbing them. It's a great stone to wear, place near your wifi router, set on your computer, or even grid your house with.

        • OBSIDIANEffective for protecting not only against harmful frequencies. but all detrimental energies. has the potential to act as a black hole for harmful and damaging frequencies, making it an excellent choice for EMF protection. 

        • HEMATITE- Known for boosting your energy. Place this stone near your Smart Meter or Wi-Fi router to buffer the EMFs being emitted. 

        • SODALITE- This stone has protective and grounding qualities. This includes psychic and physical protection as well as electromagnetic frequencies. It’s great to keep near your bed at night or on your desk at work.
        • AMAZONITE- Filter out stress, traumas, and brings soothing energy into your space. 

        Additional stones you can use for EMF protection include pyrite, turquoise, green aventurine, lepidolite, malachite, serpentine and copper

        If you are a person who loves crystals it is obvious that you would choose to use them to help with the healing of any type of health issue. 

        You can simply wear them, carry them in your purse or pocket, or near your computer. 

        If you are interested in crystals and curious to learn more, you have come to the perfect place.  

        If you made it all the way through my blog post - thank you for being dedicated to the health, wellness, and prosperity of yourself and your family.

        Today is a very special day for us at Vinaya

        We have officially launched our EMF Protection Stickers

        We hope that you love them as much as we do!


        Protect yourself from those EMF's you cannot avoid. 

        Use on your phone, laptop, and even your WiFi Router! 

        Think you're going to try crystals? 

        See which stones catch your eyes only here at VINAYA

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        Monique j mcguire
        Monique j mcguire

        May 04, 2020

        I want to thank you for all you info amd knowledge!!

        Aimee Arredondo
        Aimee Arredondo

        May 04, 2020

        Love your stuff

        Carol Atterbury
        Carol Atterbury

        August 01, 2019

        All ways Thank you for your beautiful Crystal’s and wonderful information you put forth.
        Love & Light Carol

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