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May 10, 2019 5 min read

Could LOVE be the ONLY antidepressant you need?  

FACT: the more love you have, the happier you are.

Love is an emotion that is important in the body and mind, just like oxygen - without it, we cease to exist.

It comes in all shapes and sizes - friendships, mentorships, partnerships, romance, self-love, and any other relationship you could possibly think of.

 The healthier your self-love is, the more you are connected both emotionally and mentally to the rest of your relationships. 

Have you ever been depressed? Did you question yourself? Feel unloved? Useless? Tired? Did you ever have that lingering feeling that everyone and anyone was judging you or out to get you? I am here to tell you - it's okay. Take a deep breath, and exhale. Everything is going to be okay.

The root cause of depression is DIFFERENT for everyone, and everyone responds differently to treatments - medical, natural, or psychological. But studies have proven...

Love can be the perfect antidepressant.

Love is a high form of emotion. It suppresses fear, overpowers hatred, and melts melancholic feelings from within.

 Life becomes lighter with love.

Why so? It is due to the energy that flows and brings people to their higher selves. Life is happier and easier with the feeling of love. With goodness, we want to love energy as well in our life, right? 
Specific minerals and rocks vibrate in a variable frequency of love then we feel the and welcome that love energy in our mind and spirit.


Five Crystals That Promote Self-Love to Heal Depression From Within

 5. Rose Quartz

Consider Rose Quartz to be the crystal that heals you when you're broken.

It is also known as the band-aid stone.

The energy that comes from Rose Quartz helps heal broken love, old love, heal wounds, forgive, and offers as an emotional band-aid. 

Having this kind of stone is important for any gemstone enthusiast, new or old.

A Roze Quartz stone is best recharged during the light of the full moon, also called a moon bath.

Regular cleansings help keep the stone full of love and its glowing vibrations.

4. Green Jade


I am a strong believer that true love does not just apply to romance. 

You can find true love in friendship, business, romance, and even self-love.

If you are someone who is ready to find his or her one true love, then Green Jade is the right stone for you.

Green Jade is a gemstone that attracts one's, true love.  

When you have conquered your inner demons and are ready to offer your heart to the world, Green Jade is the perfect stone to carry with you and meditate with. 

This stone attracts romance, love, and harmony.

Green Jade tends to serve as "cupid," who will blow his arrow to your future love.

3. Malachite

Malachite is a personal preparation stone. 

Are you mentally ready to open your heart to love again after loss or heartbreak? Before you do, you want to be sure your spirit is ready to accept love when it arrives.

Malachite is a gemstone that prepares your spirit for the arrival of your true love. 

It is believed that Malachite helps prepare your heart chakra for the fullness and overwhelming nature of a new love interest.

The malachite stone helps you feel safe, secure, and stable while preparing your heart for all forms of love - friendships, mentorships, partnerships, romance, self-love. 

This is a great stone to have at the beginning of your self-love journey.

2. Amazonite

Amazonite is for those already in a relationship with friends, business, work, romance, or even themselves. 

Amazonite is for those who are already in love and want to keep their love strong and alive.

Amazonite is the perfect stone for deepening your love connection within your long-term relationships - moving on from a plateau or barrier. 

In relationships, there is ALWAYS baggage - Amazonite is a great gemstone to help balance all of that emotional and mental baggage. 

This crystal that promotes love and romance; reinforces the safe chakra that allows you and your partner to openly, lovingly, and clearly communicate.

Believe me, this crystal works wonders in any and all relationships.

1. Green Aventurine

The stone of opportunity.

Green Aventurine can align deep-rooted plans and wishes with the attraction of luck and success.

For most of your life, you have probably associated the color pink with love, but green is actually the more accurate representation of the heart chakra.

Green Aventurine is the perfect crystal to wear on a daily basis to help balance your heart chakra or be more generous, loving, and giving to ourselves and to others.

You can meditate with a green aventurine to open yourself up; to feel more worthy of the love of yourself and of others.

Calm and nurturing gemstones are what you need if you are searching for love in all aspects of life.

You may like to wear a piece of gemstone jewelry or even carry a gemstone in your bag. 

You may like to meditate as you hold the love crystal and put them in your office or room where it can bring more positive and loving energy.

Check out more of these amazing products here at VINAYA. 

Remember, gemstones attract positive energy and offers an unconditional love that glows and attracts love. It is a perfect decision to start feeling the love again. This will help and guide your feelings to every aspect of love. 

Make sure that you always wear a crystal stone that fits your necessity close to your heart.  



















Love. Promotes love andpassion. Opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.
















Rose Quartz, Amethyst, andMalachite combined with clear crystal quartz obelisk wrapped in a copper coil to enhance vibrations.

Perhaps, before you choose your stone, you need to first ASSESS yourself.

Learning self-love and healing yourself is just as important (or maybe even more important) than finding true love. 

The key to beating depression has many levels, just like those on a real lock and key.

There are so many crystals to choose from - even just for the attraction, healing, and preparedness of love.

Let the stone choose you. 

Crystals that promote love and romance are meant to bring more happiness in your life by combating the negative and depressive energy in the universe.

Choose the one which speaks your innermost desire.

Feel the compassion, experience love again, find love again, endure the pain of a broken heart, heal, and come back even stronger.

Feel the positive vibrations that come with using love as the ultimate antidepressant.

As you hold yourself in the rejuvenating energy, crystals can be, COMPANIONS. 

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