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December 16, 2020 4 min read

Why Should I Shield Myself From EMF?

Do you constantly find yourself searching for new ways to protect yourself and your energy from the stress of everyday life? Everywhere you turn just piles on the negative vibes you want so badly to banish. You don’t even have a chance to meditate every second of the day, but sometimes it feels like you have no other options, right?

Yeah, me too.

The crazy thing about energy is no matter how much you try and how far you distance yourself from unnecessary drama or stress, something will still be able to reach you and cause harm to your energy, anyway! Electromagnetic fields are spread across your daily path, making it downright impossible to keep away. These invisible waves of radiation penetrate your own field of energy and deplete it. All of this while you sit there with no idea!

Thankfully, there are methods of protection from EMF that are easy to learn. No, you don’t need to break the bank to prevent EMF from causing full effects on you. We have thought long and hard about how our EMF protection easily encompasses accessibility, affordability, and eye-catching aesthetics, too!

What is EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation, or EMF, is caused by the numerous waves of technology surrounding us. Electromagnetic fields happen when the energy in the form of radiation, is transferred from place to place through electronic devices. Although it takes high-frequency EMF radiation, like X-rays, to cause any change to DNA, low-frequency EMF also has other significant side effects, like causing cancer.

And if you think that’s as far as the negative side effects go, listen to this! EMF will harm your personal field of energy, making it more difficult to cultivate the new, positively charged energy you work so hard to maintain. The heavy currents of EMF radiation will also pull you down, shifting your mood and draining your energy on a daily basis. 

Here are a few everyday electronics that send EMF through the airwaves:

  • WiFi
  • Power line
  • Microwave
  • Cellphone
  • Computer
  • X-ray/ MRI
  • Television
  • Radio

It’s understandable that protecting yourself against EMF radiation is a hard battle. During your day, you most likely pass by and are secretly affected by items found in your home or throughout your community. Even when these electronics are turned off, they will still be emitted EMF radiation.

In order for you to be at your best, breaks away from your phone, television, or any other electronics will help you fight against the harmful effect of your EMF exposure. In modern life it’s still a tough feat to get away from the electromagnetic fields around you, but there are some easy tricks! Let's talk about how to cleanse your energy around EMF radiation and protect yourself from here on out!

How to Use EMF Protection Devices

Here at Vinaya, we care about helping others preserve their positive energy and giving out the knowledge needed to learn and grow. We offer plenty of EMF protection devices to combat EMF radiation and keep your energy positively charged and unharmed. Below you will find a few examples from our shop that are effective in EMF protection —  take a look!

EMF Protection Stickers

You can use  EMF protection stickers to attach to the back of your cell phone, tablet, or any other wireless electronic device. The purpose of these EMF protection stickers are to help lower the EMF radiation closest to you while stimulating balance. These stickers come in different designs and colors to keep up with your preference. 

EMF Protection Bracelets 

You can just secure your  EMF protection bracelet around your wrist and not have to think about EMF radiation for the day. It’s that simple! Our bracelets come in select colors that will be easy to match your outfit choice of the day. Some designs are also carefully put together with precious gemstones and metals for additional protection benefits.

EMF Protection Necklaces

Another jewelry method of EMF protection is our  EMF protection necklaces. You’ll be able to pair your bracelets with a necklace for a gorgeous look while getting your protection against EMF radiation. Vinaya necklaces are combinations of vivid colors, metals, crystal, and more. You will receive plenty of benefits plus EMF protection!

EMF Protection Pyramids

Add a radiant pyramid from our collection to your own! You can use these pyramids to expel the output of EMF radiation around your home. When meditating keep your energy cleansing intentions in mind and add an  EMF protection pyramid  to your altar.

Ultimate Protection Mala

Malas are also to be used during meditation. The style of our ultimate protection mala is available to wear, too! When you dawn your mala beads or keep them on hand for meditation, you will be protected from all EMF radiation around you.

Each of these methods for EMF protection are definitely useful and effective. You can relax and push your worries out of your mind when you use EMF protection. You won’t even have to think about it!

Where to Get EMF Protection

The first step to shielding yourself from too much EMF radiation is to regulate the use of electronics. We have already discussed how that first step, although necessary, can still be nearly impossible to complete due to the rapid growth of electromagnetic fields all around us. Staying connected to each other all day, every day has its downfalls. EMF radiation is one of them!

With the help of our stickers, jewelry, and malas you’ll no longer have to worry about too much exposure to EMF radiation. These EMF shielding devices are transportable and function thoughtlessly through your day to day. It’s so easy to include these items in your everyday life!

Get ahold of your favorite EMF protection devices through our Vinaya shop! 

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