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May 22, 2021 2 min read

Qualities of a Gemini

Adventurous and curious, the Gemini brings a childlike wonder and excitement to everything they do. Represented by a set of twins, the Gemini can often seem to encompass two people’s worth of ambitions, projects, even ideas and personalities! Ultimately this comes from a strong zest for life and a desire to experience anything and everything, even if that means living more than one life.

Experimental and inquisitive, a Gemini never says no to trying something new, especially if it involves making new friends or having adventures with someone they already know. A Gemini chasing fun times can seem scattered or flaky, but a more balanced Gemini understands how to maintain a solid foundation in their life while also indulging their independent streak.

Gemini Symbols

Twins: A pair of twins is the symbol for a Gemini. Twins, being children who grow up together from the very start, reflect the childlike joy a Gemini gets from doing something fun. They also symbolize the multifaceted nature of a Gemini, who can quickly shift between different moods and mindsets.

Mercury: Mercury, the smallest planet, moves so quickly through the sky that early observers thought it was actually two celestial bodies! So it’s no surprise that this planet rules the Gemini sign, known for flitting between activities and even attitudes so frequently that they could sometimes be said to be two people!

Yellow: The bright, playful color yellow is associated with Gemini. Associated with happiness and sunshine, this color is perfect for the Gemini who likes to chase the light like a sunflower and taste nectar like the butterfly. 

Crystals for Gemini 

Yellow crystals, the flashier and sparklier the better, are great for the fun-loving Gemini. Amber, which comes in a range of yellow and gold colors, is in fact fossilized tree resin! Since it can include other aspects of its environment, including plant and even animal material, this stone is perfect for the Gemini sign, who also “contains multitudes.”

Crystals that pair multiple colors are also excellent for capturing the “twin” energies of the Gemini. Ruby, which often comes “twinned” with other stones to form a very Gemini-like crystal, is an ideal place to start. Try Ruby Zoisite, Ruby in Feldspar or Ruby in Fuchsite. 

Crystal Work for Gemini

Gemini signs can become too focused on their personal pursuits and neglect to consider how they look from the outside. Crystal meditations can help with perspective-taking exercises that integrate the complex truth of the Gemini’s inner self with their relationships with other people.

Crystal meditations for Gemini:

  • Not everyone sees the world the way I do
  • I choose when to act on my impulses
  • Others may judge, but my path is my path

  • Strong-willed but also desirous of connection with others, a Gemini can work with crystals to balance their desires with their other responsibilities.

    Use crystals to:

    • Identify relationships that need care and tending
    • Let go of opportunities that may be fun but do not fit current needs
    • Find smaller joys in routines and the “mundane”

    Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Gemini

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