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September 09, 2020 5 min read


Caring for Your Crystals: Do Crystals Need to be Cleansed?

You are able to feel the shift in depleted energy from your own body when you need to recharge yourself. You may find yourself feeling worn out and tired, possibly even stuck in a bad mood from not being able to expel harmful, negative energy. You need time to breathe, space to think to filter your thoughts, and a way to heighten your vibrations again. 

The same recharging process should be applied to the crystals you use to heal. Crystals absorb the energy around them, good or bad. Every source of energy needs a cleansing to get rid of the heavy, negative vibes and renew the positive energy it emits. 

You use your crystals in your daily rituals, whether it’s carrying them around with you or using them to meditate to feel at one with yourself. Being a source of tranquility, light, and love calls for a constant lifestyle of calm healing for your spirit using your trusted crystals. This is why learning how to cleanse crystals and keeping up with a routine will help you fully experience the benefits of reenergizing your crystals.

When and Why You Need to Clean Your Crystals

Your new crystals are touched by many different energies before they end up in your possession. Your crystals are transported from their origins in nature to sellers, handled by packaging manufacturers, travel long distances, and finally into a buyer’s hands. The abundance of energy absorbed by the stone in the process of reaching you can overkill the abilities of the crystals. In order for you to reap the benefits of your crystal redirecting the negative energy you want to release, you must first cleanse your crystals with intention.


Not only is it important to clean crystals as soon as you get them, but establishing a routine of cleansing is the best way to keep your crystals energized for optimal use of new, positive energy. It’s not that your ritual for getting rid of negative energy isn’t working anymore, it’s your crystals that need time to heal, too. After all, you rely on the precious stones to help you heal every day. They clear your negative energy by absorbing it, so your crystals need clearing to be able to continue to help you.

Best Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals 

This is a list meant to help you learn the best and easiest ways to clean your crystals at home. Some techniques may work better than others, depending on the properties and size of your crystals. 

In the following list of crystal cleansing practices, you will learn:

  • How to cleanse your crystals with sage 
  • Benefits of cleansing during a full moon
  • How saltwater can cleanse negative energy and more.


Full Moon Bath

A full moon is the beginning of a new cycle; it’s when the strength of strong energy is at its highest point. This is why rituals of casting off negative energy are so importantly centered around the nights of a full moon. Gather your crystals near a window or outside to let them use the cleansing powers of the brilliant moonbeams. Leaving your crystals under the full moon overnight will clean and recharge the stones to release the overflowing negativity. 


Sage Smoke

If you regularly cleanse your home using sage, don’t forget to use the smoke for your crystals, too. Waft the sage smoke above and around your crystals to clear the negative energy. Keep intention in your mind to clear away any thoughts that may harm your sage cleaning. This is ideal for large crystals that are hard to move. Continue moving thesage toward your crystals for 30 seconds per stone as a proper smudging routine.


Sun Soak

Allow your collection of crystals to soak up the sun’s rays to balance your stone’s vibrations into a more positive light. Crystals can be placed in the sunlight either outdoors or in front of a window in your home. This method is great for using every day if you keep your crystals near a sun-streaming window. The more you use certain crystals, or wear them as jewelry, the more they will benefit from daily recharging. 



There are a variety of methods to cleanse your crystals using pure, clean water. Using saltwater from a natural body of water, like an ocean or sea, will purify your crystals when submerged. Be sure to use a bag or container that allows the water to flow around the crystals. If you’re not close to any natural saltwater, you can make your own at home.

Remember to rinse your crystals with clean water after a salt cleansing to wash away any remaining salt that can cause harm to the surfaces of delicate crystals.

You can also clean your crystals with moon water. Place a container of distilled water underneath a full moon to absorb its natural healing powers. A full moon signifies a new positive beginning. You can use the strong energy force from a full moon to charge your water and store it for future use. 

*Crystals NOT GOOD with water:  malachite, selenite, calcite, carnelian, galena, halite, hematite, labradorite, lepidolite, lodestone, mica, moldavite, muscovite, opals, pearls, pyrite, turquoise, obsidian, ulexite... 


Returning Crystals to Nature

Burying crystals beneath natural soil…

To return a crystal to nature, you will need to bury your crystals beneath natural soil. Remember to mark the spot of burial and keep it somewhere safe, like in your yard rather than a random park. The Earth will reabsorb the crystal's negative energy and give each stone a powerful recharge back to its natural state. This process requires crystals to stay buried for one full day's time.



Your crystals will absorb positive energy through vibrations in the airwaves when using sound to cleanse. Place your smaller crystals in an acoustic metal bowl for an intense extension of the vibrations. You can play music, bells, or chant with positive messages and an intention to clear the negative buildup from your crystals.

Give these methods a try to see which one works best for you and your crystals. Now that you’ve learned how to clear the negative energy, enjoy your clean and reenergized crystals to their fullest potential. 

Continuous Care for Your Crystals

You will know when cleansing is complete when your crystals feel lighter and look more radiant and clear. Afterward, keep your crystals on an altar in front of a light filtering window or near house plants to be surrounded by steady, natural healing energy at all times. 

Crystals should be cleansed and reenergized when you feel they are heavy and clouded with negative energy. The amount of time you use your crystals means they need to be cleansed more often. If you don’t use other crystals as much, you should still cleanse once a month to recharge and regain the stone’s natural radiance.

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September 11, 2020

Such crystals are good to clean with water?

Mary Fanara
Mary Fanara

September 11, 2020

I found this article to be quite informative. I shall give these methods a try at home .Thank you 🙏


September 11, 2020

Thank you for such Important information soe of these methods I have used with my crystals. I am especially interested in the returning crystals to Naure. Each methods are really wonderful to use. Again Thank You

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