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January 09, 2021 4 min read

This year, a good friend of ours and member of the Vinaya Tribe, AJ, is quitting on making new year’s resolutions. Obviously a bold move of shying away from the trend we all know too well. Rejecting what others may be flooding social media for this start of the new year. And what does she have in place of strict and oftentimes disheartening resolutions?

Mindful intention-setting.

She instead chooses to focus on less specific and limiting goals, and have a shift in mindset to attain them. “Rather than trapping myself in seemingly hard and fast goals that either pass or fail, with no room for breathing and allowing myself to rest and regroup, I am determined to set intentions for this new beginning,” AJ shares. “It’s more fun, more enjoyable, and, hey, you get to have beautiful trinkets to use when powering up for your intentions!” Sounds like a better and kinder tradition to follow, right?

And you arriving on this blog means only one thing: The universe is leading you to a new path this 2021, starting with setting intentions for a new beginning. 

Why intention-setting is different

Surviving the challenging 2020 is already one major thing to be thankful for. Everything that you did with everything that you have is proof that who you are is enough. You are not lacking or any less than others. You are still here to try again - and that means you are more than enough being you and living your best life.

However, if it is your personal want to change, improve, be better this 2021, do so through intentions and not through bucket lists or dated goals. Setting intentions teaches you to seek out the whole journey and not just the end point.Because it is not super specific like resolutions, intentions opens you to the beginning of your hopes and dreams.

You are also more likely to stick with it, and eventually achieve it, because they are connected to a deeper reason - a deeper meaning of who you are. Remember your past resolutions that you barely remember and work on past Valentine’s Day? Setting intentions also look into broader focus rather than tiny habits to form or break.

In comparison to goals, intentions tend to make you act on positive change in your relationships, in your career and passions, and in yourself. And because this is more than “cut back on sweets and fats,” you are able to dig deeper into your planning. Thus making the process mindful and much more personal. You would not want to waste all of these memorable moments you spent introspecting, dreaming, and looking ahead to the future you, right?

That’s why intentions always do stick to the end. Finally, setting intentions is a direct call to the Universe. No, the Universe was not against you last year or any and all of the years before that. Maybe the reason you thought everything was going against your plans was because you did not communicate with the rest of the world your intentions in the first place. See, if you do not ask the person inside the elevator to hold the door for you, they would not automatically assume that you wanted to get in. Same with the energy that flows through and around you - the energy of the Universe - you have to reach out and send a clear signal to it, that you intend to do and achieve something this time around.

Well-thought-out intentions are conscious messages that, when aligned to action, tap exactly into the power of the Universe. And if you know the steps to setting intentions properly, it is inevitable for success of a new beginning to happen to you.

What to do when setting intentions

As we have pointed out at the top, setting your intentions is not going about it like a bucket list where you list down your wants and call it a day. There must be careful considerations of what big call-to-actions you want to tackle this time around and the rituals that have to go with it.

Step 1: Choose an intention that is broad and not specific that you know will impact your life.

Instead of “avoid soda and candies,” make an intention to “focus on health”; instead of “do yoga two times a week,” make it “create an active lifestyle”; instead of “holding back my anger” (which is unhealthy), turn it to “becoming mindful of my emotions.”

Step 2: Make a breakdown about the ways you can achieve your intention.

If you intend to give yourself “more quiet me time,” think about the specific actions needed to reach this goal. Such as “minimizing screen time,” “turning notifications off during specific hours, “clearing out weekends for yourself.” This is the part where you can be more specific about your plans because they support the bigger goal. Notice as well that doing so does not tire your energy out as they are many who share the work.

Step 3: Create a ritual to anchor your intentions.

The effort you pour in must have not only direction but also a constant reminder for when you feel you might waver. This might be as simple as reciting your intentions to yourself in the morning or writing them down before sleep. For many, including AJ, however, they set their intentions with rituals that employ tangible and visible objects or tools.This can be healing crystals, accessories with energy stones, or even a humble sticker to focus on any time in the day. This new beginning undoubtedly calls for a new trinket to hold on to!

How You Can Usher In a New and Better Beginning

The past year was nothing short of a challenge, but the good thing is that we are wiser and stronger for it. Celebrate not only the new year but also the fact that you are here today and you know you have the power to make a better, brighter beginning.

While it takes effort to shift your mindset from suffocating resolutions to mindful intentions, remember that the future you is always worth the hustle. Build those rituals and don’t be afraid to get some assistance from tools that will bring you closer to the energy of the Universe, closer to your goals. Cheers to a new beginning with you! 

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