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September 12, 2020 5 min read

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Do Crystals Help with Healing?

Crystals are gaining popularity as new generations are finding them to be gorgeous, trendy keepsakes. As awareness of alternative healing is rising, many new crystal-lovers are raving about their crystal’s beauty and potential. 

Crystals have the ability to unlock new dimensions of yourself. These precious stones are far more than just some pretty home decor to be placed on an entryway table for guests to compliment. Does anyone know exactly how to use crystals to their benefit?

Do you?

Crystals are used to cleanse your energy and your home. They will help you achieve the tranquility you desire, not only during meditation but throughout your everyday life. Above all these benefits is the magic secret that crystals will help heal you.

Your body is intune to pick up the energies and vibrations around you. Crystals with healing properties will help you redirect your energy and clear your path to a more positive way of life.

When you realize you need to heal a certain part of your life to move forward on your journey to happiness, learning how to use healing crystals on yourself will transform your life. Whether you want to grow mentally, clear away illness, rekindle your love life, or turn your affirmations into reachable goals, healing crystals will lead the way to change your life.

How to Use Healing Crystals

Healing crystals hold powerful vibrations that will allow you to regain balance. When practicing crystal healing, you will need to remain focused. Here are a few simple steps to follow before beginning your meditation for crystal healing.

  1. Attempt to clear your mind as you chose your quiet meditation area.
  2. Keep your intention in your thoughts or chant them quietly to yourself as you light a candle.
  3. Steady your breathing by being conscious of each inhale and exhale as your muscles relax.
  4. Hold your crystals in your hand, or on your body, while visualizing the light you wish to transform.
  5. Relinquish negativity and feel the flow of energy your crystal is radiating within your body.
  6. Accept the healing and protective properties of your crystal as you reaffirm your intention for as long as you feel you need.
  7. Cleanse your crystal at the end of your meditation.

Best Crystals for Healing 

Starting from the bottom of your chakra ladder will allow you to heal and open each chakra in the proper order and relieve all negativity in your healing journey. Listed below are suggested healing crystals for the seven chakras. 

As each of your chakras are healed, the gates to healing your everyday problems will be open and washed with new positivity to help you finally achieve your self-healing goals.


Amethyst for Crown Chakra Healing

Place your crystal on your forehead. 

Your crown chakra is the last of the seven chakras. This is where one connects with the universe and all of the divination. When your crown chakra is healthy you are healthily self-aware that you and all things of the universe are connected in a cycle of unity.

Keeping your crown chakra healthy will bring you the clearest connection to the divine.Amethyst can be used for mental healing, anxiety, depression. This crystal works to promote calm and balance your emotional turmoil. Your negative energy will be transmuted from your body and replaced with peace, love, and joy.


Rose Quartz for Heart Chakra Healing

Place your crystal on your chest. 

At the root of deep emotion, infatuation, list and true love is your heart chakra. This chakra controls the stability of not only your heart, but other vital organs and their functions too. Examples of organs the heart chakra is responsible for are kindness, lungs, and reproductive. 

Rose Quartz is a heart-healing crystal. If you’re looking to have a deeper emotional connection with someone or at least open yourself up to the possibility of love, then use Rose Quartz to heal your heart chakra. 

rose quarts

Turquoise to Heal Your Throat Chakra

Place your crystal on your neck. 

Your throat chakra is an enabler of anti-inflammatory and immune system support. This chakra controls your communication and awareness. 

Use  turquoise as your healing crystal for your throat chakra. Turquoise will combat depression and feelings of malaise. You will experience balance, serenity, and wisdom to name a few with this purification stone.


Labradorite to Heal Your Third Eye 

Place your crystal between your eyebrows. 

Your brow chakra, also known as your third eye, gives you the ability to stay in tune with yourself and be one with the energy around you. When your third eye is open and healthy you’re able to establish a strong, sincere intuition. This chakra allows you to become confidently self-aware and tap into your natural psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or telepathy. 

Labradorite will heal your brow chakra with your own personalized energy barrier. This energy barrier created by the labradorite crystal for healing will protect your aura and raise your consciousness while keeping you grounded. 


Carnelian for Sacral Chakra Healing

Place your crystal on your waist. 

Your sacral chakra is located near your groin. This chakra is in charge of balancing your personal determination and protection of your immune system. When in a healthy, cleansed state, your sacral chakra gives you courage and proper reproductive system functions as well as sexual pleasure.

Carnelian will heal the impurities of your damaged sacral chakra. Using carnelian as your healing crystal will let you increase your energy and internal strength. You will use the carnelian crystal to rid your body of sexual anxieties and reproductive impotency. This crystal will give you immune system support and realign your self-determination and courage, too.


Tiger’s Eye to Heal Solar Plexus

Place your crystal on your navel. 

Solar plexus chakra is the third chakra located right above your navel. This is the chakra of ego and centering. When your solar plexus is well-stimulated, you will be without conceded tendencies as this chakra keeps your ego healthily in check.

Tiger’s eye, as a healing crystal, will protect you by warding off any negative energy within your field, replacing this with good luck. When using a tiger's eye to heal your solar plexus, you are able to get rid of fear and anxiety, because this healing crystal promotes mental clarity. You will find that you are capable of better problem-solving skills and focus to achieve emotional health and well-being. Tiger’s eye will keep your ego grounded and help with centering your energy towards a positive outlet.

tigers eye

Obsidian to Heal Root Chakra

Place your healing crystal on your pelvis. 

The first chakra you will need to cleanse is your root chakra. This is the chakra that mostly connects you to the earth. When your root chakra is healed, you feel firmly grounded. A healthy root chakra means you feel fully capable and aware of how your energy is currently planted here on earth as you continue to spiritually explore the universe.

Healing your root chakra withobsidian will banish toxicity from your life. This healing crystal will push away negative energies that drain you to keep you grounded. As you embark on your healing journey, obsidian erases any past trauma that may be holding you back from keeping a healthy root chakra.



Practice Using Healing Crystals on Yourself

On your way to heal yourself for the better, you will find more crystals to help you. Starting with the list of healing crystals above is an amazing experience in healing from the inside out. As you use these healing crystals, you will be able to heal your body, mind, and soul.

crystals for healing


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September 30, 2020

Thank you so much for these emails! I have been wanting to start my journey to living a better (happier, healthier) Life but had no idea where to start!

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