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July 31, 2021 2 min read

Qualities of a Leo

Leos are tough, driven, and drawn to roles and projects that let them show their natural leadership tendencies. Good-hearted with a flair for the dramatic, Leos are excellent hosts and often the life of the party. Using their friendly wit, Leos build a network of fun and varied relationships around themselves and enjoy introducing people they think will get along.

Leos often stand out, as they’re good at leveraging their skills and finding ways to show their strengths. Leos are creative and like to be recognized for their personal style or talents. It’s difficult to push a Leo around, as they tend to stick strongly to a position once they’ve chosen one. This can make a Leo a formidable opponent and keep them from giving up until they’re victorious, but it also risks blinding a Leo to potential compromise or the benefits of a different perspective.

Leo Symbols

Lion: The Leo is represented by the lion - a majestic and powerful creature known for living in “prides.” Leos like to be leaders in their own pride, believing that when people get together, the end result will be greater than what any one individual could accomplish. Leos can also be proud, standing tall with the knowledge of their own strength.

Sun:Born in late summer, Leos definitely bring the heat! Leos are ruled by the sun, which is a star rather than a planet. And Leos, with their shining personalities and warmth, certainly are stars! Leos are charming and good at drawing people together - then commanding attention once everyone has gathered. 

Gold: Between the lustrous coat of a lion and the bright light of the sun, there’s no question that gold is a Leo’s color. A rich metal associated with luxury and wealth, gold represents a Leo’s drive toward accomplishing their goals as well as their attractive personalities. 

Crystals for Leos

You can’t get better than gold for a Leo, meaning that stones like pyrite and sunstone are perfect for this fiery sign. Crystals like these contain energies that help Leos capture and focus their sparkle and shine and stay connected to their ruling star. 

The much rarer crystal Yellow Jade is another great complement to a Leo who knows their own worth. Less flashy but still gorgeous, Yellow Jade is perfect for a Leo who takes pride in rare and precious things, just like themselves. 

Crystal Work for Leos

With a focus on power and leadership, Leos can benefit from help hearing the voices of other people in their lives, especially those with different astrological signs.

Crystal meditations for Libras:

  • The only thing I can fully control is myself
  • My truth matters even when others disagree
  • There is strength in compromise

    Leos are excellent performers, natural leaders, and driven achievers. Crystal energies can help Leos pursue their dreams while staying true to themselves.

    Use crystals to:

    • Choose which passions and projects to pursue
    • Decorate and display personal style
    • Let go of a need for control when it’s not helping

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