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July 01, 2021 4 min read

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Manifesting — you’ve seen this word used anywhere and everywhere nowadays. In books, blogs, videos, posts of famous personalities, and even here at Vinaya. Why? Because many do believe that is the law of attraction in action!

But before you try your hand in manifesting your desires into your life, learn to understand what this process is truly about. And discover what you must do and have in order to realize anything and everything into reality.

Read on.

What is Manifestation

In essence, it is turning your goals, wants, desires, and dreams into reality. And it can be manifested into a fully physical thing — as in your dream house, car, gadgets, etc. — or an experience — as in luck, artistic creativity, mental clarity, etc.

So really, there’s no limit to what you can realize in your life.

However, it is important to note that the process of manifesting doesn’t run on simply you saying the word and believing it to happen. It is more than just positive thinking and willpower.

Manifestation requires you to take the right proactive steps that will support the change in your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

In short, you shouldn’t expect the result to happen instantly without your active participation. Considerably, a small effort for a life-changing effect, right?

How to Manifest Anything

Now that you are clear with what the process means, it is time to see the essential steps to manifesting your goals in life.

  1. Setting your mantras

Because manifestation is a combination of internal and external action, you must start with conditioning the mind.

As they say, what you believe, you become and achieve.

Choose mantras that truly resonate with you and perfectly describes your goal in mind.

Make them specific so that you get a clear mental picture and visualize every part needed to make it come to life.

And remember to say your mantras in the present tense, as if they are already happening right now.


“I am surrounded by kind and loving friends who support me in my new business.”

“I am preparing for my successful book launch and movie premier.”

“I am in a healthy and loving relationship with my equally successful and kind partner.”

  1. Seeing your mantras

It is easier to stay consistent in our goals if we are constantly reminded of them. The same goes for your mantras.

In order for you to meditate on them as much as possible, keep your mantras where you can see them.

Write the mantras on a piece of paper and place them at your desk or pin them on your vision board. The fridge door will also do if you constantly walk past it in your daily activities.

Another way to keep your mantras powered up — and even yourself — is to add them to your healing crystal grid or altar. Every time you need a recharge, go for a short meditation ritual with these mantras included.

Writing your mantras is also a perfect method to avoid forgetting the important details you have specified in Step 1.

  1. Supporting your mantras

This time, you are complementing the meditation with concrete action. Your mantras can be supported with tools and daily rituals that will increase your energy’s vibration.

Aside from visualizing the mental picture of your goal coming to life, consider as well the steps needed to ultimately manifest them. Then, add them to your routine.

If you want to start a new romantic relationship, you must also find the time to goout andmeet other people. If you are looking to start a new career, then you must extend your network and map out the business plan.

This is you inviting in transformation — not only in words, thoughts, and emotions but also in action.

Tools to Boost your Manifestation

As mentioned in the steps above, manifesting your desires is equal parts mantra and meditation, and habitual action. After, you’ll see every dream and goal slowly come to fruition.

But for those who are ready to take their manifestation journey up a notch, there are special tools fit for you.

The law of attraction works by responding with the same level of energy you put out into the universe.

So you essentially attract into your life what you already claim to have — thus, the value of creating your mantra. And taking action further solidifies that.

The way to boost your energy and make the universe work in your favor is to raise your vibrations through energy tools like healing crystals.

With them in hand, your daily habits can have even more power to them.

Simply choose the crystal that is associated with the intention you have in mind, hold or wear them on your mantra meditation, and have faith.

Let your vibration do its work.

Manifesting Time

You’ve got the details down and the tools ready. Now you’re ready to welcome love, luck, health, joy, transformation — anything you put your mind into.

There’s only one last thing for you to do...


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July 04, 2021

I love your produces especially the smudging mist I have crystals at my desk at work and of course we can’t use flames like at home so I cleanse my crystals with the mist…have it in my desk. I even wipe my desk with it after I sanitize it I love that it wipes the negativity away Thank you 😇😇😇😀😀😀😀💕💕💕

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