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October 07, 2020 4 min read

What is Sacred Geometry?

How many symbols do you have to memorize throughout your life to find your way through the day to day routines? There are many symbols indicating rules of the road while driving, restroom signs, flags, ribbons, and so much more. There are also symbols that represent such significant meanings that might be unfamiliar to you.

I’m sure you’ve come across sacred geometry, but maybe you haven’t put much thought into these symbols, their representation, and their purpose. 

Sacred geometry uses symbols such as shapes for their hidden meanings. Certain symbols are blueprints for copying worldly codes that work together to make up our universe. Many religions, temples, monuments, etc. use these sacred symbols as a way to associate with god. In sacred geometry where religion is concerned, God is thought of as the most sacred geometry in which all sacred geometry symbols are derived and compared.

Think about a snowflake. It’s said that no two snowflakes are ever the same. Though this might be true, each snowflake is produced using the same patterns to make them appear identical. This process of replicating shapes to create pieces of our world is repeated throughout other patterns such as DNA, body organs, plants, oxygen, crystals, and many more natural resources.

Understanding Sacred Geometry

Being at one with the universe also calls for understanding sacred geometry. Learning how you are connected to each individual resource on this planet by deep-rooted patterns will guide you along your journey to higher consciousness. The symbolism of sacred geometry is consistent within all creation including you and your spirit. 

To become more self-aware, pay attention to the patterns you see that are made up of geometric codes. You will soon be able to easily recognize how these patterns are intertwined with your spirit.

Sacred geometry has high frequencies of energy that are meant to heal and guide you. These high-frequency levels will strengthen your connection with inner and outer realms. When you are aware of nature’s geometric codes, you will see the essence of life as a whole.

Symbols of Sacred Geometry

Here’s a list of shapes and patterns used throughout the world as universal symbols. Take a look at each category and think about what each symbol represents and the special meaning it has for you.


A triangle represents balance and harmony. The high points of the triangle symbolize higher consciousness by rising upward as you are leveling up on your spiritual journey.


A circle symbolizes wholeness and oneness within whatever the circle is representing. It can also mean an ongoing continuum, such as an eternal cycle that is constantly changing, yet sticking to the same constant markers that make up the circle of life.


A square symbolizes the safety of a stable foundation. This shape represents dependability and grounding. Like the foundation of a home being built will be laid out as a square to begin a stable hold that lasts.


Though a spiral seems like it would hold a chaotic meaning, it represents the connection between earthly and spiritual realms. The spinning symbol is like the energy that is observed to move in spirals to connect the physical with the metaphysical. Your energy moves in spirals between your chakras to healthily achieve higher consciousness.


A cross represents an intersecting between two objects. In the instance of sacred geometry, a cross symbolizes the interconnectedness between oneself and the universe. In religion, a cross means the connection between oneself and the higher-power, God.


The seed, or flower, of life, is made up of overlapping circles that create a flower-like shape in the middle. This symbol’s meaning is the belief that all of the universe is connected through natural living things. The flower of life signifies Chi, the energy life force of the universe.


A mandala’s make up varies, depending on the shapes used. Usually, there are basic shapes, such as circles and triangles, combined together to create a mandala. The meaning of a mandala in Buddism and Hinduism is to represent the universe. The contributing shapes come together within the design of mandalas to symbolize the meaning of the ongoing pattern of the never-ending universe, oneness, higher consciousness, and self-awareness.


A pyramid represents the connection between yourself and higher energy. On a larger scale, these shapes are the connection between heaven and Earth. Pyramids, also called tetrahedrons, stand for balance because they are made up of triangles. The shape itself is flat on each side, showcasing stability. 


The star of David is a six-point star. This symbol is made up of two triangles, one pointing upward, the other pointing downward. Together they create the star of David. This star symbolizes the connection between feminine and masculine energies that come together to create harmony and balance within the universe.

How to Use Sacred Geometry 

Sacred geometry is instilled in our subconscious as gentle reminders of how we are connected with all living things in the universe. As you become more aware and comfortable with recognizing sacred geometry, you will feel your spirit will feel zen.

So, how can you use sacred geometry every day to increase your oneness now that you have a better understanding of symbolism?

Use the symbolic shapes from the list above to place your crystals in a sacred geometric grid placement during meditation. 

When you are getting ready to meditate, make your intention for your meditation session, use sacred geometry with your crystals to strengthen your energy. Choose the crystal grid that fits the purpose of your meditation. 

For example, if you want to recharge your energy with a cleansing meditation to calm your spirit, set your crystals in a triangle. Sit in the center of your crystal grid triangle and proceed with your meditation routine.

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