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October 23, 2020 2 min read

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Qualities of a Scorpio

Disciplined and honest, Scorpios can seem enigmatic, but don’t go out of their way to cultivate mystery. Instead, they simply don’t see the point in sharing personal information without a good reason. Great at keeping secrets, Scorpios don’t care for gossip or small talk, preferring instead to connect over big ideas and deep truths. 

Betrayal and dishonesty are a Scorpio’s least favorite things, and they find it difficult to forgive someone once they’ve decided that a person isn’t trustworthy. Since they are good at managing their emotions, a Scorpio can be frustrated or confused by too much passion in someone else. That doesn’t mean that Scorpios don’t feel things intensely, only that they choose their words and actions carefully, and try not to let their emotions control them.

Scorpio Symbols

Scorpion:The animal representing the Scorpio is the scorpion. Nocturnal and solitary, the scorpion can be frightening to some, but this majestic creature is simply misunderstood. Sharp-witted and sometimes aloof, the Scorpio is also easy to misunderstand, but has a power within them that’s hard to ignore and impossible to disrespect.

Pluto: Pluto is the smallest planet and the farthest from the Sun. Like the often introverted Scorpio, who is difficult to influence and content to attend to their own business, Pluto runs in its own orbit. Cold but beautiful, Pluto reflects a Scorpio’s quiet, mysterious nature.

Winter: Born in the winter, Scorpios are all about coolness. Even though scorpions are desert animals, they can survive very cold temperatures. Scorpios keep a cool head even when emotions run high, and can withstand challenging circumstances with an even temper. 

Crystals for Scorpios 

Crystals in pale colors, especially blue and white crystals, are good at reflecting a Scorpio’s inner stillness. Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate are perfect crystals for Scorpios seeking energies that are cooling and calming.

When observed through powerful telescopes, Pluto, the ruling planet of the Scorpio sign, is actually a deep red. Dark red and rusty colors are associated with Scorpios as well. Bloodstone and Red Tiger’s Eye are good crystals Scorpios looking to add depth and variety to their crystal work.

Crystal Work for Scorpios

The complexity of a Scorpio’s inner life makes meditation a very useful practice for any Scorpio interested in healing or self-improvement. 

Crystal meditations for Scorpios:

  • Another’s truth may be different than my own
  • It is safe to share my feelings with others
  • I can rely on the strength within me

  • Focused and secure, Scorpios can benefit from using crystal energies to share and express their inner stability.

    Use crystals to:

    • Open up and share feelings and desires with others
    • Expand your mind and build tolerance for ambiguity
    • Identify opportunities to apply your unique talents

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