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November 07, 2019 4 min read


Have you had any experience of entering a room or a place and suddenly you feel heavy like there’s an added weight in your body?

If yes, then you are one of the few people who are inclined spiritually.

You feel the energy of the room. You feel the energy of your environment. Trust your instinct.

There are times that the energy of the room is affected by the energy of the people staying on it.

The place absorbs the energy of everyone around the place. However, whether you are sensitive or not in these kinds, you should be vulnerable to the effect of it.

In case you feel troubled and tense, despite the times you have been in the same place, smudging may help you. 

So, what is smudging?

Burning sage — also known as smudging — is an ancient spiritual ritual.

Burning dry herbs or simply smudging is a ritual done to clean the spirit.

It is personal healing or cleansing the environment. Smudging came from Native Americans.

Usually, the ritual is done with incense, a tradition that came from Ancient Egypt.

Smudging is a process of eliminating the negative heavy energy in the room.

Typically, smudging is done with herbs. The process calls the spirit of herbs and promotes harmony and peace.

Particularly, burning herbs has lots of benefits. It gives positive energy and lightens the mood of the place.

It promotes relaxation and supplies oxygen in our brain.

There are lots of reasons why smudging is a good idea.

It cleans the energy of the surrounding.

It performs purification in your old and antique items and lightens the spirits inside the objects like crystals.

Smudging Kit 

 Smudging materials are composed of dry herbs, fireproof bowls like some shell and matchsticks.

The smudging kit represents different elements, the shell represents the element of water, the matchsticks represent the element of fire and the herbs represent the earth. 

Specifically, white sage or desert sage is commonly used by people along with lavender, juniper, tobacco, and cedar.

Palo Santo wood is also one popular material used to respond in spiritual concern.

Offering the same effect as spiritual practices, these herbs offer various effects.

You may apply the one that fits your objective. In addition, crystals like hematite, onyx, and tourmaline can also help in cleansing and during the process.


Smudging Technique 

Once you have all the materials you need for smudging ritual, ensure that you are focused as well.

Set your mind and your soul with your goal to drive out all negative energies in the place.

Focus on your intention in the process. 

First, you have to light up all the dried herbs and continue to smolder 

Place it in the shell.

As it burns, walk around the place so the smoke will reach all areas and corners of the room

Pretty easy, right? Once you finished, focus and reflect on the experience.

Stay in the middle and observe the shift of energy. Observe what happen.

What are you feeling now? The process drives out the negative energy in the room and also purifies yours.

What does it do for you?

Smudging can offer calming, relaxing effects that are known to help lower blood pressure, relieve stress and tension and normalize breathing rates. 

Clean the space, remove it's past. Fill your space with joy, love, and light. Boost your mood—and decrease stress. 

When to Smudge

When moving into a new home, flat or room.

When you want to cleanse the energy from a particular place or object.

When feeling depressed, anxious, or otherwise unusual (with low 'spiritual' energy).

When needing to focus energy or thoughts.

Before sleep to prevent nightmares.

When needing to relax in general.

Any other time you see fit.

Feel uncomfortable about something? 

 Choosing to engage in ritual can be the beginning of your change in mindset. White sage is used to deep cleanse a space of negative energy and raise the vibration of your space.

As more people are experimenting with the ancient practice, products are popping up to help them do so with ease. 

So if you’re looking for creative ways to smudge your house or yourself and you don’t want to buy a normal smudge stick, you can have other options as well. 

Called the Next Wave Of Smudging — and the rise of smudging "sprays" which harness the energy of plant medicine sage smudge spray is exactly that: smudging in liquid form!

If you do choose to use white sage, b

Sustainably sourced, harvested, and hand-wrapped in the backwoods of southern California, USA. You can find this must-haves bundled sage for cleansing here at VINAYA

Organic White Sage Bundles - 3 Pack


Smokeless Smudge Spray

There are many reasons why we may want to use a smudge spray instead of burning sage to clear our aura and home. 

Convenience always tops on the list when you use smudge spray.

You can typically clear your home and yourself in about 15 minutes or less and it works.


Happy smudging!

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8 Responses


December 14, 2020


Donald DeWitt
Donald DeWitt

May 04, 2020

Where can i buy a smudging kit?


November 20, 2019

I’m lead by my source when its time to smudge. A heaviness comes over me like a weight I’m carrying and a dullness in my space. Once directed to smudge I feel the weight lifting and a sense of calmness emerges. Go within and just be lead.😉


November 10, 2019

I started my journey about 3 years ago, and I have been smudging .

I’d say about 4 months ago, I was starting my saging ritual and my shell fell off the counter and a small triangle broke off. I thought nothing could break a shell. I still have shell,and the piece and I still use it . I

I’ve ask on my FB pages, but no one has an answer, did it take too much negativity or was I just being a bit clumsy?

Mary Fournier-Park
Mary Fournier-Park

November 10, 2019

Don’t forget t mention to leave one window open a bit so that the negative energies can leave :)

Sandra Boucher
Sandra Boucher

November 10, 2019

I am very interested in smudging my home. I feel negative energy from the previous owner who had a bitter divorce and he doesn’t like woman very much. He passed away and we bought the house.I never feel comfortable in it.

DeAndre Mitchell
DeAndre Mitchell

November 10, 2019

This was most insightful. I’ve been smudging for the latter part of the year but was 100% sure I was doing it right. Thank to this article I have a more clear understanding as to where my mental should be while performing this. For that I thank you.

Marilouise Dorch
Marilouise Dorch

November 10, 2019

I just recently started smudging. I’ve found my home to be more peaceful and welcoming. I believe that smudging has repelled negativity from my home, to the extent where a love interest who once came all the time( tho I was a bit apprehensive about his intentions) hasn’t been to my home since. Even the calls and text messages have just about stopped. This as if smudging is protecting from something I couldn’t do or see on my own, tho my intuition was long trying to tell me to beware. I’m loving my transition, broken heart and all

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