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December 03, 2020 6 min read


Understanding Solfeggio Frequencies for Beginners 

You imagine yourself trying to meditate in the hectic, noisy atmosphere of your garden. The heavy traffic down the road never ceases to cause a ruckus as you bring your meditation session into order. The once peaceful rhythms of cricket chirps and birds whistling are just driving your mind wild with distractions as you attempt to quiet your surroundings and focus. 

What if there was a way to push away outside noise, but still have beneficial tones to guide your concentration? You’ll no longer have to work so hard to get away from sounds that bother your meditation. Instead, you will have the tones of ancient frequencies to bring you the harmony you desire and infiltrate your mind, body, spirit, and energy for a more positive, healing state of being.

There are many different ways for one to meditate and not one is better than the next. The methods and techniques you prefer to use during your meditation sessions simply rely on you. Which methods of meditation do you connect with the most? What technique have you found to be helpful?

Think of it this way: You’re on a date. The only thing you know is you’re going to watch an opera performance. You feel anxious and insecure because you’re not familiar with this genre of music and definitely aren’t fluent in the performed language. 

Once seated, the lights dim and you begin to fidget in your seat. You take the cue from your date that you are to be silent as the first performer comes into view on stage. The knots in your stomach start to tighten and the negative thoughts build up inside your head. You worry about not understanding and ruining your date night by not having any comments for a later conversation.

But, finally, you begin to feel at ease. You’re surprisingly on the edge of your seat as you look on at the soulful facial expressions of the opera singers. You feel their pain, their sorrow, their tragedy. You don’t even notice the tears rolling down your cheeks until your date kindly hands you a handkerchief. 

Your emotions were tapped into by the use of solfeggio frequencies. You felt your spirit become moved by the sounds of different notes on the vocal scale. No matter the language, you internally understood. 

Thatis the power of solfeggio frequencies.

What Are Solfeggio Frequencies?

If you feel yourself a bit out of whack lately, use solfeggio frequencies to cleanse your spirit and harmonize yourself with the universe. Solfeggio frequencies promote balance and harmony. This ancient, sacred music is made up of 6-tone frequencies including chants and vibrating tones that help you focus on balancing your energy while bringing your mind, body, and soul as one in harmony with your spirit.

The main solfeggio frequencies are used by singers as a vocal exercise to train their voices to reach particular pitches. Originally thought to be derived from a song for John the Baptist, solfeggio frequencies are a part of the ancient practice of singing a higher note with each succeeding line. Modern-day DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-TI shows this vocal experiment and originally comes from the Latin form called UT-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA.

In both ancient and modern terms, the syllables are used as vocal scales, rising in frequencies going up the scale. Each syllable is a note to be sung just slightly higher than the previous note in their respective order. 

Solfeggio Frequencies List + Benefits

There have always been 6 tones used in solfeggio frequencies since they were discovered by a monk named Guido d’Arezzo, in the 11th century, who wanted to help others reach the correct pitch for every note in sacred chants. It took hundreds of years later for a seventh note to be added to this list, but here are the main 6 tone frequencies in solfeggio frequencies and their benefits.

The Solfeggio Frequency of Guilt and Fear: 396 Hz

This frequency allows you to face the guilt you hold on to and the fears that hold you back. When using 396 Hz, you are stimulating your conscious to let go of guilt and fears to make space for more positive energy.

The Solfeggio Frequency for Change and Erasing Trauma: 417 Hz 

Cleansing your solar plexus chakra to release old, negative energy and past trauma to your being. This includes trauma to mind and body that has been a burden on your spirit and your inability to move forward in a progressive fashion.

The Solfeggio Frequency for DNA Healing & Miracles: 528 Hz

528 Hz is the healing frequency. This tone will heal sickness and disease by cleansing DNA. The miracle of love’s impact will be felt while using this tone to find peace and clarity as you go through this healing meditation.

The Solfeggio Frequency for Self-evaluation: 639 Hz

This frequency is used for self-reflection. The 639 Hz frequency will help you analyze all aspects of your life, what you want to keep, and what toxicity needs to be let go. Whether you feel the need to reconnect or disconnect from people, this frequency will help you evaluate who brings you valuable light. Use this during meditation when you’re in need of guidance.

The Solfeggio Frequency for Self-Confidence and Solutions: 741 Hz

Using 741 Hz will push you in a more productive direction, banishing thoughts of self-doubt, and excessive worry. This frequency will help you tackle problems with reasonable solutions, opening your mind to every possible angle to solve complications in everyday life. In the long run, this 741 Hz will help you save time and emotional turmoil by making you more determined and free-thinking instead of anxious about not possessing the problem-solving tools you need. Now, you’ll be able to follow your natural instincts and trust that you know the best solutions to your problems.

The Solfeggio Frequency for Spiritual Order: 852 Hz

This solfeggio frequency will bring you the strongest harmony with the universe. Your spirit will dance in tune with the enlightening vibrations from this 852 Hz frequency. You positive mantras to become more attuned with your energy and allow yourself to follow your intuition to a higher vibration. Your spirit will become one with the universe as you consciously gravitate toward your true calling.

How to Use Solfeggio Frequencies

Now that you have learned some of the benefits for each set of main frequencies on the solfeggio frequency scale, you know which will benefit you the most. If you feel unsure which specific frequencies to use or for how often, remember the order is to your own preference. You can choose to play the same frequency on repeat if it works for you! Choose the tone/s that resonate with your spirit the most and correspond with the help you are looking to gain.

Step One: Pick your meditation spot. 

Your goal is always to choose a place where you’re most comfortable to be at your most vulnerable. Preferably somewhere peaceful and quiet, but we all know that can be a difficult task. Just use a place you can deem sacred to your meditation sessions, where there will be little to no interruptions either inside of your home or out in nature.

Step Two: Start your meditation. 

Use your preferred method of beginning your meditation. Begin by setting the intention for this session by either keeping the phrase in your mind or chanting it as you light a ceremonious candle and/or cleanse your space by smudging.

Step Three: Play your solfeggio frequencies! 

Be sure to create your own playlist of the solfeggio frequencies you think will be most effective to restore your balance and harmonize yourself with the universe. As you continue to listen and meditate to each sound, experimenting with how they make you feel, you’ll soon become an expert on your preferred frequencies.

Start Using Solfeggio Frequencies for Better Meditation

You are in charge of the playlist of solfeggio frequencies that will bring peace, balance, and harmony into your life. Do not become discouraged when attempting to incorporate solfeggio frequencies into your meditation practice. All spiritual growth and grounding take experimenting and changes when necessary. 

Even your spirit needs a refreshing tune to stimulate during meditation! Give solfeggio frequencies a try to experience their diverse list of helpful benefits.

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Lesa Dyer
Lesa Dyer

January 06, 2021

Pretty sure you can find them on YouTube.

Patricia Karbs
Patricia Karbs

December 05, 2020

Very interesting! I’ve heard about these different frequencies but never knew what they were for or what they did. I’m going to find some of the frequencies that I think may be able to help me and use them in my meditation.

Anthony Dickson
Anthony Dickson

December 05, 2020

How do you get these

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