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May 23, 2019 4 min read

Did you know that EMFs have been around since the beginning of time?

YES! Natural EMFs come from the sun! It has been proven that too much exposure to the sun and UV rays can cause premature aging and even cancer.

Man-made EMFs were recently discovered by scientists. How long have we been exposed? How much damage has been caused to our bodies already?

If too much exposure to the sunlight is already harmful then how about being exposed to manmade EMFs?

Well, as a mom, I should be aware of the harmful effects of this kind to my family.

I don’t want to shortcut what I am trying to say here, so let’s dig into the description of EMF first before going to the risks of being exposed to this radiation.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Field (EMF): composed of magnetic and electric fields that travel in a form of invisible waves.

Usually, it is grouped into two types in terms of frequency; ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing has a high level of radiation that has potential risks to change or damage your DNA, while non-ionizing radiation is alleged to be harmless to people.

When and how can I be affected by EMFs?

EMFs can occur anywhere nearby an electrical current, and it can also occur when there is a nuclear reaction like how our Mr. Sun gives us energy.

Did you know that man-made EMFs are generated just like the process of the sun giving us energy on Earth? 

Examples of these are your Wi-Fi signals, microwaves, and radio waves.
Additionally, you also have the UV rays, infrared, and other visible lights.

Categories of Harmful EMFs:
  • Low-Frequency EMF.These examples are comparable to visible light but can be damaging to the body when exposed over a long period of time. Microwave ovens, visible lights, WIFI routers, anything that has Bluetooth, computers, and mobile phones.

  • High-Frequency EMF. These are harmful and are risky to health. X-rays, gamma rays and UV rays are examples.

The Harm of EMF on the Body

A lot of studies were focused on EMF and most of them concentrate in the low-frequency category.


We are in the era of high-tech gadgets! We are living with mobile phones, routers, and the internet which are big producers of EMF, and we tend to expose ourselves to these products for long periods of time!

There are studies leading to the conclusion that EMFs may possibly be linked to diseases like cancer, but even without confirmation we should be wary and provide massive awareness about this kind of radiation.

Anything too much can cause risk and we don’t want any harm to our beloved kids and relatives. Continuous studies are focused on this concern and researchers are looking for possible methods to lessen EMFs exposure.

How can you reduce EMF exposure? 

Avoiding manmade EMFs are quite hard to do but we can do some small things to lessen our exposure
  1. Stay away from sources of radiation. Strong sources of this radiation can be risky. It includes radio stations, gen-sets, smart meters, and electrical lines.

  2. Limit exposures at home. This might sound impossible, but with efforts, you can surely do this. Reduce the use or find ways to distant the sources. How?If you are not using your gadgets and appliance as home, turn it off. You may opt for wired internet than WIFI, but if you cannot avoid this – turn on the connection only when needed. Also, turn off the router at night when you are about to sleep.

  3. Always use hardwire gadgets than Bluetooth and wireless connections

  4. Make sure that all wirings are done by professionals

  5. Mobile phones and tablets should be distant from you. You should use earphones instead to avoid body contact

  6. All breakers and appliances that run overnight should be shut down.

Mom’s out there, let us minimize the danger of EMF radiation to our family. It isn’t possible to completely get rid of WIFI and mobile phones, but we can act to minimize the risks.    

    • Eat nutritious food with a high level of antioxidants which can reduce the effect of radiation exposure.

    • Expose them to negative ions like being close to moving water or generators with negative ion. This lower the exposure to radiation.

    And, using ORGONES

    YES, it is a profound and useful solution that will surely create a POSITIVE lifestyle.
    Since we are now living in a digital age, orgonite creates a powerful healing effect by balancing the electromagnetic energies in our environment.

    Orgones are the best option that instantly sobers up negativity, turns them around behind you, and gets them gently pushing you in the way you want to go!
    Orgone devices are known to have a powerful positive effect on diminishing the negative potential of excessive electromagnetic energy.

    By simply placing your orgonite near sources of EMF radiation (DECT, TV, microwave, computer, smart meters, WiFi routers, Bluetooth emitters, etc )provides protection against electromagnetic pollution.

    BUT, where can I get an orgone device?

    Youmay find the best orgone devices made with these and more wonderful gemstones and crystals that would be very helpful in your healing journey atVinaya.

    Vinaya’s products are a variety of orgone devices from orgone healing pendants, orgone bracelets, orgone pyramids, and many more!

    It is always the company's mission to support your healing journey with the best quality orgones and crystals.

    It is important to keep in mind that the main hazard of EMF includes mobile phone radiation that threatens the health and can add to numbers of chronic health concerns.

    Whether you know it or not, the risks are there. Also, taking proactive methods to lessen the exposure of EMF is a great help. Strengthen your body, eat healthily and ensure to have anORGONITEto your home.

    Many people have felt instant relief from a simple orgonite and if you are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, you may need to place more pieces of orgone around EMF emitting devices.

    By starting to inform your family about the damage of EMF radiation, you raise awareness to them.

    Let us lessen if not eliminate exposures to EMF sources. Let us live normally away from health issues from EMF radiation.

    Very little is needed to make aPOSITIVE LIFE. 
    Having an ORGONITE in every home is one!

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