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August 02, 2019 3 min read



Happy National Smile Week! 😃 

What does being happy look like to you?

Maybe it's spending time with your family, or sitting down in a quiet place with a good book. Or, maybe, you're just happy being your true self. 

So, my question for you is, "what exactly makes us happy?"

Are there a few key things that make all humans happy? Or, are we all very, very different? 


Well, for me it relates to having a peaceful environment, contentment, inner joy and being optimistic.

It is the spirit of laughter, friends, and family. I am my happiest when those around me are also embracing happiness and joy.

However, not every day can be filled with such beauty, joy, and content.

There are days that happiness is hard... days when smiling is just hard


This is the best day to embrace crystal stones of happiness.

There are SO many stones in the world embodied with good, positive energy.

Stones can absorb the negativity of the day and stimulate positive vibes to lift your heavy emotion from your heart and mind. 

There are lots of crystals that will cleanse your emotions and generate pure joy and happiness (...and also give you a GENUINE smile)

Sometimes, all it takes is finding the right crystal for you and your needs. 


For years, our elders have utilized crystal stones to heal and release spiritual blockages.

And since crystals are natural stones, when they are used on the body it helps connect you to a deep form of environmental healing, too. 

Using stones the right way (and for the right things) leave you feeling balanced and relaxed. 

Each stone has different energies and properties to heal many facets of our everyday lives.



Crystals for Happiness


It is one of the masters of healing.

Turquoise is believed to be energetic between earth and heaven.

In ancient times, it has been regarded as a good luck and protective charm. 

Turquoise is a stone of communication that helps you to speak your truth, from the highest source of love.



This stone embodies the energy that helps purifies the blood.

Take note that when your blood flows smoothly in your body, it will keep you healthy and strong.

Bloodstone is one of the many crystals of happiness, it is a booster, energizer, and helps you get rid of your negative thoughts and doubts for the day.

This crystal stone increases drive, boost enthusiasm and maintains your well being. 


Smoky Quartz 

Quartz is stones that shield you from negative energy.

It is well known as ‘let go stone’.

It is believed to help you let go of all the things you are holding back.

It helps you let go all the old, stagnant and things that block light energy in your body.


Rose Quartz 

This kind of stone quartz cultivates love.

It is known as the stone for unconditional love.

It helps heal the heart. It also encourages forgiveness. we have to remember that the secret in love is loving our self first.

Rose Quartz are crystals for happiness that emits good vibration of beauty, compassion, and love.

It is a good stone that supports and nurtures you with love energy. 



Last but not the list in my top 5 crystals for happiness is the carnelian.

It is the kind of crystals that attracts fortune or luck and helps you show your desires.

It also removes stocked energy that is inside you and removes blocks that make you feel burnout.

The color of carnelian is tangerine that stimulates passion and helps you desire to achieve your dreams.

It restores the feeling of happiness, confidence, and motivation.


Many of us know how to feel happy, how to feel joy and excitement, however, there are times that negative emotions block us from getting what we want. 

Looking for the perfect crystal to make you smile?

VINAYA  has it all for YOU.





 Are you struggling to find purpose in your life?

Having crystals for happiness at home is one good way to help eliminate negative energy around us.   

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3 Responses

Diane Resler
Diane Resler

August 24, 2019

Where can I get these 5 crystals?


October 29, 2019

So if I buy these stones of happiness, how would I use them in my everyday life ? For example.. carry them with me wherever I go ? Put them in my windowsill? Hold them?

Carol Atterbury
Carol Atterbury

August 24, 2019

Wonderful information again love reading you blogs. Also lovely welcoming products.
Love & Light Carol

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