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March 08, 2019 2 min read

Next in our chakra series comes the mighty svadhishthana chakra.

Represented by the color orange, this chakra holds the power of our emotions, creativity, and sexuality. The element of the sacral chakra is water, giving it characteristics of flow and flexibility. 

This chakra can be found right in the lumbar vertebrae, slightly above the hips. In certain yogic beliefs, it is also believed to expand to reproductive organs.




The sacral chakra houses very basic, raw, human characteristics, such as emotions, feelings, sensual pleasure, and creativity.

Kundalini yogis believe that sexual energy is also creative energy. This makes sense seeing that sexual energy creates life. So applying this thought process to their everyday lives, Kundalinis control their sexual urges and repurpose this sexual energy to create new, positive things in their lives.

When unbalanced, the sacral chakra can lead to dependency on others or a substance that brings pleasure, being ruled by your emotions, overindulgence in sexual behaviors, or even the opposite; lack of sex drive or feeling numb to pleasure.




There are many ways to heal yourself from sacral chakra imbalances. The first being a consistent yoga practice that includes asanas that open the sacral chakra, such as malasana, kalyasana, eka pada rajakapotasana, or salamba bhujangasana.

You can also meditate on your sacral chakra, chanting the mantra "VAM".

Another way is to keep Orange Agate around you as much as you can. You can achieve this with either our Orgone Chakra Healing Pendant or Chakra Orgone Pyramid.


We must master our lower chakras before considering to master our upper chakras, and the sacral chakra is no exception.

Learning how to control and repurpose sexual desires leads to a powerful sense of self-confidence which reflects throughout all aspects of your life. 

We are all made to be creative. Work on your sacral chakra and let this immensely powerful creative energy flow through and morph your life into something spectacular.

Author / RYT-200 Yoga Instructor / Ice Man / Plant-Based Vegan

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